Gunel Huseynova

Position and Company: Founder | Pitch-a-Pitch
Country: Azerbaijan

Gunel is a PhD student, researching impact of banks to level of green investments in Azerbaijan. As part of the research, Gunel submitted proposal for Industrialized Sustainable Agricultural System and presented it at Session of American Chamber in Azerbaijan in March 2016. Learning extensively about drivers and barriers of green growth, she also researched impact of shadow economies, which remained substantial in Azerbaijan, to sustainable development, coming up with “Green shadows” and “State Regulation for Sustainable Development” publications.

It is almost ten years Gunel works in Azerbaijan, gaining rich experience in different businesses, from bank sector to market research and trade, from govern institution to social enterprise and university, and she is profoundly aware about how different systems and business units work in Azerbaijan. Being involved in diversity and inclusion activities, Gunel became core part of Diversity and Inclusion movements from 2015, trying to reduce sharp gender gap. As part of WoWoman, a women empowerment platform, Gunel expanded her network, improved her managerial skills through IT, entrepreneurship, cinematography projects. The result of this passion, incorporated with research of green industry development became her work “Power of women in driving green energy”, issued in European Expression Journal, UK in 2016. WoWoman became a large school for Gunel in pursuing her own dream on developing and mainstreaming platform for green initiatives and raising green funds.

So, her own project Pitchapitch was brought to life as the first cleantech fundraising platform in the world, combining equity share, reward, donation crowdfunding and lending on The main idea of Pitchapitch is to develop cleantech startup capacity globally and support fundraising for cleantech projects. Believing in that, the green growth, central to modern development strategies, is reachable in Azerbaijan, too, Gunel seeks for like-minded people with same aspirations, in order to reach common gains and accomplishments.