Gabriele Sevignani

Position and Company: Communications Manager | AQA Pearls – For You and Planet Blue
Country: Austria

Gabriele Sevignani is responsible for Corporate Communications and Recruiting at TCI Consult, a Vienna based consulting company providing services on the subject of Information Management. Her strengths lie in the communication with Business Intelligence Experts, Information Management Leaders and talent decision-makers.

Additionally, she has recently been appointed as the Communications Manager for “AQA Pearls – For You and Planet Blue”, a foundation out of BWT Group which focuses on the goal of a water secure world, where every human being has access to adequate quantities of water from sustainable sources. As such, she will be responsible for world-wide project and communication activities that are suitable to change behavioral patterns towards water security and avoidance of plastic pollution.

She studied Political Sciences with special focus on the matter of global warming at the University of Salzburg and holds a national certification as a Social Counselor, based on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapie. “Creating social impact at the crossroads of innovation and sustainability is what fascinates me. The principles of Viktor Frankl form the basis for my understanding what it means to be a responsible human being”.