Fatima Tambajang

Position and Company: Head of Business Development | CYST & Mazzuma
Country: Ghana
Weblink: mazzuma.com

Fatima Tambajang was born in Denmark and raised in the UK to Gambian parents. Fatima has lived and worked in over four African countries. For the past 4 years, she has been working in Accra with CYST a software innovation company, where she is the head of business development. She is also a project development consultant and has fostered collaboration with organizations such as Forbes, BBC, UNDP and the Foreign Ministry of France to name a few. Fatima is a Future Entrepreneur of Denmark Fellow, where she worked with Google and Mckinsey & Co. Fatima has a masters degree in Global Development and Economics from the University of Copenhagen and a bachelors in International Development and Politics from the University of Chester.