Dženana Selimović

Position and Company: Student | Mathematical Gymnasium ,,Meša Selimović”
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

My favorite place: There isnt a specific place, but anywhere where poeple close to me are.
My favorite song: Well among the top ones, Id have to say that Stand by me – Ben E. King sticks out.
My favorite book: The Fortress- Meša Selimović.

Three things I dislike: Inhumanity, bad politics affecting good people and stubborn humans.

My greatest adventure: Before 3-4 years, I went skiing on black diamond slope for the first time, and I took the route only few people take. In the middle of nowhere, my ski fell off and it would not fit again. So I had to wait for somebody that had the tools to help me fix it. I waited on cold for about half an hour until I had it fixed. From then, I always ski where there are people.

I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… Just as the rest of the world, Europe is not doing enough to fight the climate change

My changemaker idol: People who constantly fight for better tomorrow in their lives and still have smile on their faces.

My message to the EYA community:

“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.”