Dženana Selimović

Position and Company: Student | Mathematical Gymnasium ,,Meša Selimović”
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dženana is a student of Gymnasium, but in her free time, she is working on a startup with a group of her friends. This startup is called idealDay. Currently, she is part of an organization called BILDit, a programming organization, based in Tuzla. There you can learn to program (front-end, back- end and a lot of other things related to the programming). Also, ITgirls has been working with the team on the startup idealDay, and the collaboration is to be expanded. At this moment, Dženana is a front-end developer for her team.
Lately, she has been part of a StartUp competition where her team and she have won 3rd place, She has been part of a hackathon as a part of Winter Camp in SSST.