Dušica Birovljević

Position and Company: Founder & Owner | Nomcentar
Country: Serbia

My favorite place: Аker Brygge Oslo, Norway.
My favorite song: Everything from Frank Sinatra, but Strangers in the night is always a number one.
Three things I dislike: Lack of culture, traffic jams, and negative view on life.

My greatest adventure: The first time in front of a camera, as a TV presenter. I always dreamed to be on TV and the first time was funny. I saw myself on TV in the studio and became aware that I am really doing that. And in that moment I totally forgot the text – but it was ok. It was an amazing experience and my greatest adventure.

I think Europe’s biggest challenge is climate change but, I need to add one more thing and that is unemployment.
My changemaker idol: Steve Jobs

My message to the EYA community:

“It is an honor to be here, real changemakers are brave to discover new things and to develop new ideas, I think that Picasso said – Inspiration exists but it has to find you working. Work hard, and good things and innovative ideas will come to you. We are all here to work together and create a better future for life in Europe.”