David Weiss

Position and Company: Project Coordinator | Kenne deine Rechte
Country: Austria
Weblink: kennedeinerechte.at

My favorite place: Impossible to name just one place… If I have to choose I would say The Shore (Edinburgh), La Butte-aux-Cailles (Paris) and every single spot in my beautiful hometown, Graz.
My favorite song: Rebellion (lies) by Arcade Fire (and a few more but I try to stick to the rules now and name just one 😉
My favorite book:
Depends on my mood…

Three things I dislike:  Negativity, unfairness, arrogance

My greatest adventure: Going abroad for whatever reason and discovering new countries and cultures was and is always an adventure for me, whether it was my Erasmus exchange semester, internships abroad, working on the vineyards in France, road trips through Cuba or Albania, …

I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… To realize that its diversity and its different cultures, ways of life, opinions and so on are not a weakness but a strength
My changemaker idol: Everyone who tries to make the world a better place

My message to the EYA community:

People don’t need to serve the economy – the economy needs to serve the people. I think all of you play an important part in making business more social. Keep up the spirit and keep on working for a transformation to the better!”