Connor Sattely

Position and Company: Business Acceleration Agent | HiiL Justice Accelerator
Country: Netherlands

My favorite place: The nearest pizzeria or live jazz venue!
My favorite song: Sponge / The Brecker Brothers
My favorite book: Sphere / Michael Crichton
Three things I dislike: Vegetables on pizza. Out of tune instruments. People without senses of humour.

My greatest adventure: Couchsurfing across Europe! So far, I’ve couchsurfed in several countries on the continent and find it’s an incredible adventure, as well as a fantastic way to make friends. Specifically, I think the time a Canary Islands native brought me to a mountainside traditional dinner to celebrate the changing of the seasons was one of the best adventures I’ve had!

I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… Addressing a crisis of idea communication. On youth unemployment, environmental challenges, international reputation, and the economy, there are great solutions at the local and city level that could be applied to a wider context. Without a deep and wide means of communicating these ideas, though, many times they are not implemented as widely as possible.

My changemaker idol: Leaders who speak about – and then devote their lives – to local-level community organization. In particular Kofi Annan and Barack Obama.

My message to the EYA community:

“Get through the tough times. No successful innovator talks enough about the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship. Often, entrepreneurs get together for events, awards, or meetups and chat about the “good times,” that is, who you’ve met or what you’ve accomplished. Know, though, that every one of them has made it through the low points on the rollercoaster. When you’re at that point, the single greatest asset you have for making it through is your conscience and the team surrounding you. By sticking with both of these assets, you can emerge on the other side of a difficult stretch as a stronger person, and a stronger organization. Keep your head up, and keep networking!”