Coen van Hees

Position and Company: Co-founder | Story of AMS
Country: Netherlands

Coen van Hees born and raised in Amsterdam, and co-founder of Story of AMS. At nineteen years old he left to the United States to participate in a management internship for one year. Coen worked in various management positions and managed teams with more than 40 people. After Coen returned full of new experiences, skills, and energy he co-founded Story of AMS together with his best friend. Story of AMS is a data-driven full stack digital agency. Story of AMS grew from a two-man operation to a team of 10 within less than two years. At AMS, they build digital products such as apps, websites, and platforms. Currently, clients are Ahold Delhaize, IMD – business school, and many funded startups. Their projects range from domestic-based, specifically designed for the Dutch market to platforms that are meant for domestic expansion. Besides his entrepreneurial path, Coen gives guest lectures at Universities in Amsterdam and coaches students with their startups at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Coen founded Master of Books, Master of Books reads nonfiction business books and discusses the point of views which then can be implemented in real life. Coen likes to run, travel and thinks about new plans to accelerate your digital business.