Ayesha Carmouche

Position and Company: Advocacy and Communications Manager | CORE
Country: UK
Weblink: corporate-responsibility.org
My favorite place: I honestly cannot say one place. So many places give me comfort and joy. The best I can do is provide a top 3 – in no particular order: I love Sri Lanka for its beauty – it’s an unforgettable paradise; then there is my home town Glasgow, a place of nostalgia and comfort; and lastly there is Jerusalem, a city soaked and immersed in history and culture.My favorite song: Rock the Casbah, The ClashMy favorite book: In Cold Blood, Truman CapoteThree things I dislike: London during rush hour, egg yolks, horror filmsMy greatest adventure: When I was 19 years old I travelled to the USA and found myself in the state of Utah. I thought I was going to be doing a business internship, but soon realised I had signed up to door-to-door selling. I sold – or at least tried – to sell books to complete strangers by knocking on their door and pleading for their attention. After countless rejections and cries of despair, I met an amazing family who agreed to house, feed and most importantly entertain me! I no longer had to sell books. In the remaining 3 months I stayed in Utah I hung out with some fantastic people who treated me like their family and got to see and do some amazing things, white water rafting being my main highlight!I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… its inability to demonstrate strength through unity. This is most obvious in the case of the refugee crisis where EU member states have not acted collectively to support the safe passage and resettlement of those fleeing war.My changemaker idol: my sister – an intelligent and thoughtful woman who has encouraged my ambition and challenged my thoughts from a very young age.My message to the EYA community:

“All our ideas and explorations will shape the future. We have a unique opportunity – and responsibility – to fundamentally transform the way people live their lives and how they can use technology to elevate their economic, social and political position.”