Aviram Berg

Position and Company: Co-founder | Eyelight
Country: Israel
Weblink: eyelight.tech

My favourite place:  The hot springs at the Dead sea.
My favourite song: Depends on the mood and the situation.
My favourite book: I’m listening to podcasts.

Three things I dislike: Waking up in the morning, wasting my time and being regular. 
My greatest adventure: Working on the amazing project the “Lunar Night Survival” side by side with NASA and ESA as a part of the International Space University, Space Studies Program.
We designed a solution for the generation and provision of power in support of the range of activities that are planned to be deployed on the Moon in the near future as a part of the “coming back to the moon” movement.
I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… An increase in the solitude of individuals in the world of information on the one hand and one the other hand a decrease in privacy and self-protection.
My changemaker idol: Everyone that cause non-linear changes and cause a massive impact on society against all chances.

My message to the EYA community:

“You can make everything possible on your own, but it’s better to do it together because big changes are created by cross-field thinking.”