Arto Puikkonen

Position and Company: Business Manager, Build | Gofore Ltd.
Country: Finland

My favorite place: Home. There’s no place like home. Image me at home, wearing woolen socks, lounging, trying to go through everything on the Internet, dreaming and enjoying life
My favorite song: Eddie Murphy’s Party All the Time would be the one I would have to choose if I had to choose one.
My favorite book: Not that much of a book reader. Wikipedia being the “book” I read all the time.

Three things I dislike: People being too narrow-minded, ignorance and places that are way too warm – I’m meant to live in a cooler climate
My greatest adventure: Being a boy from a really small village (400 people), getting to see pretty much every corner of the Earth, seeing all kinds of people in all kinds of places – What’s greater than that?
I think Europe’s biggest challenge is… the lack of open discussions. We need to talk more, people!
My changemaker idol: Don’t really have any. Never been too keen on idolizing changemakers, but those who have vast amounts of empathy and the ability to think. So I would have to say that the answer is my dad. No greater idol for me than him.

My message to the EYA community:

“If we’re not doing it for the people, then who are we doing it for?”