Arnau Gifreu Castells

Position and Company: Interactive coordinator | DocsBarcelona - Professor - ERAM | University of Girona
Country: Spain

Dr. Arnau Gifreu Castells is a  transmedia and interactive producer and consultant. He is a consultant for Interactive Media and collaborator of the Somos Documentales project from RTVE.ES (Spanish TV). He coordinates interDocsBarcelona (+ Medellín and Valparaíso) and has codirected the production company Espill Media (2013-2017).

He has participated in interactive and transmedia projects such as COME/IN/DOC and La Marató de TV3 (direction), Cyborg Project (executive and transmedia production), Bugarach. How to survive the Apocalispe (project manager) Sexo, maracas y chihuahuas (script and coordination), De a caballo (interactive design), Uvic-UCC and ERAM/UDG Final Degree Projects (academic advisor), and Las Sinsombrero, Pregoneros de Medellín and Metáfora Viva – EICTV30! (assessment).

He is a research affiliate at the Open Documentary Lab (MIT) and part of the i-Docs group (University of the West of England). He has published various books and articles in his research area, interactive and transmedia non-fiction, and specifically on interactive documentaries. He is a lecturer at ESCAC (University of Barcelona) and at ERAM (University of Girona).