Alda Banushi

Position and Company: Student | Polytechnic University in Tirana
Country: Albania

My favorite place:  Gjirokastra ,a city located in the south of Albania which is also protected by UNESCO for its historical values and monuments is my favorite place. It is also the place of origin of my ancestors.
My favorite song:  I love opera and   “ Tu sei buona” performed by Albanian soprano Ermonela Jaho is my favourite song.
My favorite book:
Evgeny Grande written by Honoré de Balzac is my favourite book. The character of Evgeny  gives a positive message of humanity against the money obesession.
Three things I dislike: Graffiti,Boxing,Surfing
My greatest adventure: My greatest adventure was trying to climb over Dajti Mountain,a mountain located in Albania. It was very difficult in the beginning,but also a great experience to remember.
I think Europe’s biggest challenge is…  Europe is a great continent which has managed to challenge a lot of obstacles and promote the values of Democracy and Collaboration successfully. Nowadays I believe that the biggest challenge of Europe is to make more and more young participate in important projects related to social issues,democracy and collaboration beyond the borders in order to shape a better common future.
My changemaker idol: Angela Merkel is my changemaker idol because she has managed to promote the European values and Democracy in the whole EU region and beyond.It is important to be noticed her work and negotations to open the doors of EU membership for Western Balkan countries which will mark a new era for our region,as Albania is also a Western Balkan country which needs to walk in the European Union steps.

My message to the EYA community: Being young means appreciating the creativity and promoting the best for the society. This way my message to EYA community is:

“Continue to collaboarate beyond the borders,join new positive experiences and promote the values of democracy and tolerance as all of you have successfully done. Use the technology power to make our lives better with the purpose of gathering more and more people together in name of a better common future!”