Ákos Maróy

Position and Company: Software Developer | EU Edge Ltd
Country: Hungary
Weblink: hu.linkedin.com/in/akosmaroy

Ákos Maróy works as a software developer since 1995, always focusing on cutting edge technologies and methodologies. He has written the first Java Servlet engine based web site in Hungary in 1997-1998 for Pesti Est, a free weekly program magazine. He has worked for Nokia as a subcontractor in Helsinki, Finland between on WAP related technologies for the award winning Nokia Active Server enterprise product, while also being active in the WAP standardization process at the WAP Forum. He worked for the Centre for Advanced Media Prague branch of the Media Development Loan Fund, providing analysis and development services for media-oriented open source software solutions. Ákos has developed the open source media streamer DarkIce. He is the founder of the Hungarian start up EU Edge Ltd. developing the Aero Glass smart glasses for pilots for which he is the idea-owner.