Agnes Boehm

Position and Company: Product Development Coordinator | Salzburg Schokolade
Country: Austria

Vienna born Agnes Boehm took an unusual turn after graduating high school, taking up an apprenticeship as a pastry chef. After working as a pastry chef in France for two years she decided to add a bachelors degree in Food Technology from the University of Applied Sciences FH JOANNEUM Graz to her repertoire. Currently Agnes is the coordinator for the product development department at Salzburg Schokolade. The food technologist and former pastry chef is responsible for both practical and theoretical areas of the department, dealing with complex applications and experiments in the tech lab leading to the scale up in the plant. It is the specification setup in confirmation to the European Food Law conform pack and declarations within the finished product which she specialises in. As a board member for Junge Industrie Salzburg she represents young and enthusiastic people who want to bring new ideas in the industry to everyone’s attention.