Ela Szczepaniak

Position and Company: Co-owner & entrepreneurship trainer | Revas – Business Simulation Games
Country: Poland
Weblink: www.revas.pl

Ela is an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship trainer/lecturer as well as Edtech innovations enthusiast esp. in the field of business education and start-up advisor.

With her both theoretical and practical background in running a business, she works as an trainer/lecturer focused on fostering entrepreneurial skills among various groups and on various levels of education starting from primary schools to higher education, teacher training and managers. At her university, she also founded BOSS students’ club to initiate entrepreneurial projects and advise students on their business ideas.

Co-founder and Managing Director of Revas – Business Simulation Games start-up that is itself focused on entrepreneurship as it creates educational software – business simulations teaching how to manage small business in different industries while training essential entrepreneurial skills.

Recently ranked in the 50. most creative people in business in Poland ranking by marketing magazine brief.pl and her start-up was nominated Edtech start-up of the year in Poland in the StartUp Europe Awards.