Horyou launched the call for “Horyou Light Challenge“. Could you explain the challenge to the EYA community?
#HoryouLightChallenge is a way to support and raise awareness about all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the “SDGs”. It brings together the power of social connections and the willingness to do something about our People and our Planet. The challenge is open to all citizens who are looking to make a difference in this world, spreading positive actions they are doing to shape a more harmonious world. To participate they have to join Horyou, the social network for social good, on Horyou.com, select one or more SDGs they want to support, and start posting positive actions adding the hashtag #HoryouLightChallenge related to the cause they have decided to support. After posting, they will start to collect lights on their posts! The participants should also use social media channels as Twitter and Instagram to bring more lights and invite friends to light their content. The publication with the largest number of Lights will win an all inclusive trip to attend SIGEF 2018 in Singapore next September.

Why the title “Light Challenge“? What are those mysterious „lights“?

Joint the Horyou Light Challenge and win a trip to the SIGEF 2018 in Singapore.

Lights are the way our members express their support in bringing more visibility to the content they have decided to Light. Each time a member posts something on its own dedicated Horyou page, others can light if they feel connected to it; they can as well follow the user or comment on it. The exchange of lights between members of the community create a direct connection, resonating within and beyond the platform. Since the Horyou Light Challenge will award the post with the most lights, it’s all about inspiring and getting the actions and messages spread to build consciousness and impact around us.

What are the benefits for young, international Social Entrepreneurs in taking part in the Light Challenge“?
Youth are a great source of innovation and change in our society and this is why many of our Horyou members are young and motivated! As native users of internet and social media, they are key to help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by using the power of their connections. By participating in #HoryouLightChallenge, young and international social entrepreneurs can strengthen their network, advocate for a cause that will get better visibility and understand how to support it through the actions shared by other members in the challenge. Finally, it will enable the Horyou member who authored the post with the largest number of Lights to win a trip to Singapore and attend to one of the leading international forums dedicated to social innovation and impact solutions, SIGEF 2018!

The Sustainable Development Goals“ (SDGs) are an integral part of the EYA categories. How do they matter for Horyou and for your congress „SIGEF“?
The Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum has a tradition of highlighting the SDGs in every edition. In Astana, SIGEF dedicated one panel exclusively to the SDGs and in former editions, the event had hosted panels about specific SDGs as water and sanitation, sustainable agriculture, smart cities and women empowerment. Horyou believes we must act now, gathering positive and impactful solutions and initiatives, connecting them to global citizens and multi-stakeholders to reach the UN 2030 Agenda. To do so, we need to engage civil society, especially future generations.

What’s the theme of this year’s SIGEF? And for whom would it be interesting?
SIGEF traditionally gathers a broad public as it holds panels and discussions that engage CEOs and key executives, social-entrepreneurs, government officials, members of academia, personalities and members of the youth. This year, the event will keep its commitment with the SDGs and will host panels with experts and innovators from all over the world about SmartCities, Future Energy, Fintech & BlockChain, Impact Investment & Philanthropy, Medtech and the UN SDGs.

Yonathan Parienti, founder and CEO of Horyou. As the Social Network for Social Good, Horyou was created to gather and share positive oriented actions, projects and organizations and showcase their initiatives to the world with the support of thought leaders and civil society. Since its inception, Horyou and its community have been much more than just an online social network – the impact goes beyond connecting and supporting all these great initiatives worldwide, by providing them with a digital platform and an opportunity to share their experiences off-line. Read more about the HORYOU Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum.