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10/2014: Flaming Start-Ups Put Society on Fire Together
09/2014: Lightening Fire on Social Good with Digital Creativity
08/2014: Shaping the future: Innovative Projects and New Creative Challenges
07/2014: Improving the world one feature at a time: Design & Technology open new Perspectives
06/2014: Roads to Success: New Opportunities for Students, Professionals & Interns
05/2014: Kick-start Your Career: International Collaboration is Key to Success
04/2014: Award meets Council, Event meets Parliament: Europe Acts in Concert
03/2014: Active, Excellent and ready to Conquer: Your EYA Community
02/2014: Contest starts today: Take action and submit now!
01/2014: #EYA2014: Europe’s Problems are (Y)our Challenge!
11/2013: Collaboration Beyond Borders: #EYA2013 turns Graz into Hub for Global Change!
10/2013: Join European Changemakers in the City of Design Now!
09/2013: Winners Speaking, Winning Speakers and Your Chance to Win!
08/2013: High Impact Digital Solutions Win!
07/2013: Young Game Changers working on a better Future!
06/2013: Extra time to finish your projets!
05/2013: Watch out: 15 extra days for submitting your project!
04/2013: EADiM 2013: The Social University
03/2013: Best socially relevant internet and mobile projects can be registered!
02/2013: Countdown for Young Digital Activists to Take Action!
01/2013: Arab imagination: Mobile activism, YA in the lead
06/2012: Social Disruptions: European Youth Award Festival presents Digital Power
05/2012: Out of the box thinking: 12 innovative projects rock the MDGs in Europe!
04/2012: European Youth takes Action for Social Good!
03/2012: Conquer Graz with the Olympic spirit
02/2012: Use your e-power to put MDG´s into Action – Apply for the World Summit Youth Award 2012!
01/2012: World Summit Youth Award turns five – Surf a surge of good action with us!