What is mYOUTH?

mYouth – Mobile, Young, Opportunity, Unity, Technology, Help” is a project embracing the concepts of building digital skills. Through mYouth, young people will gain high skills for the development of mobile applications. Sure, there are many such projects nowadays, but what makes mYouth different? The chance for global mobile learning! mYouth connects participants from ten different countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Ghana, Hong Kong, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Senegal, Singapore, and Spain.

How will this aim be be accomplished?

By learning-to-code and coding-to-learn! mYouth is providing the space where you can benefit from a learner-centered learning about the usage of mobile applications. Learn all about myouth on myouth.eu!

Timline of Action!

From April to May local app camps will take place in every partner country! That’s the place where YOU can learn and gain some necessary skills to code and develop mobile applications. Register for the EYA App Camp/Game Jam in Graz here.

From June 20-July 14, 25 young app developers from ten different countries have the unique chance to attend and benefit from the most outstanding and awesome mYouth Training Camp in Macedonia! FREE OF CHARGE! Unbelievable, right?
You want to be part of it? Apply here and tell us why YOU want to go there! We will inform you if you have been selected by May 23.

All apps which will be developed during the mYouth Training in Macedonia will be submitted to the European Youth Award and have the chance to be #EYA16 Winner!

mYouth Training Camp

From June 20 to July 14, 25 young enthusiasts in coding have the change to benefit from the unique mYouth Training Camp in Macedonia!

This 25-day power program will take place in Skopje, Macedonia, where android classes for advanced app development will be provided by the international software development and consulting company Seavus. The 25 participants who will come from Senegal, Italy, Poland, Hong Kong, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Ghana will learn computer programming (learning-to-code) and problem-solving (coding-to-learn). Aside, the participants will receive a training on business modelling and marketing for their mobile apps.

Participants of the mYouth training in Skopje will be able to boost their skills in development of android mobile apps, which will relate to youth and learning. At least 10 android mobile apps with impact on society should be produced during the training camp. These apps will be submitted to the European Youth Award!

You are from Austria and want to attend the Training Camp in Macedonia for free? Apply here!

Power Program Action Schedule:

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