mYOUTH 1.0

What was mYOUTH 1.0 in 2016?

mYouth – Mobile, Young, Opportunity, Unity, Technology, Help” was an ERSAMUS+ co-funded project embracing the concepts of building digital skills. Through mYouth, young people gained high skills for the development of mobile applications. What made mYouth different? The chance for global mobile learning! mYouth connected participants from ten different countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Ghana, Hong Kong, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Senegal, Singapore, and Spain.

How was this accomplished?

By learning-to-code and coding-to-learn! mYouth was providing the space where young people benefited from a learner-centered learning about the usage of mobile applications. Learn all about myouth on!

Timeline 2016

From April to May local app camps took place in every partner country! The EYA App Camp/Game Jam in Graz served as local app camp Austria.

From June 20-July 14, 25 young app developers from ten different countries had the unique chance to attend and benefit from the most outstanding and awesome mYouth Training Camp in Macedonia!

All apps which were developed during the mYouth Training in Macedonia were submitted to the European Youth Award and had the chance to be part of the #EYA16 Festival!

Project Partners: