EYA goes Partnership: mYOUTH


Through the mYouth project, small teams of mobile app developers from Africa, Asia and Europe realized their big dreams to develop and launch their apps, start their businesses and grow their own companies in 2016.

The 2018 mYouth 2.0 edition provides the skills for programming and for business, mentoring assistance from experts and a large network of contacts with potential investors! Use the chance and be part of it! Learn all about myouth on myouth.eu!


“The mYouth event in 2016 was giving me the feeling that I have been definitely in the right place on the right time. It was a great step for my project because of the technical support I got from trainers and participants, beside the great time we spent together as participants. There were for sure some obstacles, but in general it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had!”  

Abdul AlSharaf

EYA Young Digital Champion 2016 | Founder, FreeCom | Software Engineer and Consultant, MHP - A Porsche Company

Timeline of Action!

✩ Kick-Off Meeting in Singapore from January 28-31

✩ Open Call for Online Competition / National Mobile Apps Contests in all partner countries to apply for the Continental App Camps from February to May*

Continental App Camp Africa: with participants from Ghana, Kenya, Senegal & Tanzania in Ghana from April 10-15, 2018
Continental App Camp Asia: with participants from Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam in Hong Kong from June 5-10, 2018
Continental App Camp Europe: with participants from Austria, Macedonia, Poland, Romania in Austria (Salzburg) from July 10-15, 2018

✩ International Business and Marketing Camp in Ohrid, Macedonia, with the best four participants of each Continental App Camp from September 17-24, 2018 (8 days)

✩ Submission of all products for #EYA18 – mYouth category

✩ EYA Festival in Graz from November 28-December 1: 1 Winner per continent.

*Please note: if you come from Macedonia, Poland or Romania, please get in touch with the mYouth partners there: mladiinfo (Marjan Icoski), Association Institute of New Technologies (Agnieszka Urbaniak), Risky Business (Ana Maria Bujor).


Winning Projects

Original Titel: Mtabe
Website: https://mtabeapp.com/
Country: Tanzania
Category: mYouth
Producer(s): Rukudzo Nyoka

Mtabe provides instant, curriculum aligned answers to secondary school students aged 13-22 in Tanzania who don’t have access to internet, smartphones or textbooks. It uses artificial intelligence and SMS technology to deliver learning content to students. As it is accessible via SMS such that a family in a place without light or the internet can still learn.

Mtabe uses the latest technologies to impact the most marginalized group of young people without them having to worry so much about the technicalities. Students simply send their questions via the messaging area of their phone to Mtabe and receive the answer in a few seconds on his phone. Through 14 months of research and interactions with the Institute of Education in Tanzania, Mtabe ensures that its content is of top quality. Mtabe has been designed for inclusion.

EYA Jury Evaluation:

Mtabe is a project that will definitely have an impact on the way how African pupils can easily access certified information on and offline in order to educate themselves. It is driven by a high social impact as well as a sustainable business concept. – EYA Jury Report


Original Titel: UMix Music App
Country: Hong Kong
Category: mYouth
Producer(s): Chun Ming AU

UMix Music App is a portable music production app, which helps everyone to create digital music more easily, simply using their voice. To get rid of the high barrier, high budget, steep learning curve and the sophisticated UI of professional music softwares, UMix was developed. UMix provides voice-to-MIDI conversion, key signature detection, chord detection and rhythm detection algorithms, using artificial intelligence and digital audio processing techniques. By humming the melody, users could produce a complete digital music work anytime and anywhere, that reduces the complexity of music composition and could master the skills effectively. Users can eventually export and share their completed music work to our music sharing community.

UMix aims at lowering the learning barrier by providing innovative technical solutions for sharing and learning. The ultimate goal is to transform the current digital music production industry such that everyone can learn and produce music more easily and smoothly, disregarding age, background and music preferences.

EYA Jury Evaluation:

This project has the potential to revolutionize the way music could be created as the way it enables the user to transpose a melody from voice to any instrument is technically very advanced. The jury considered that the project is providing a new window of opportunity for users in Asia, specifically in Hong Kong and potentially worlwide. there are similar apps developed in the past, however, it is important that a country specifics in this case apply, due to the youngsters being taught only classical music at school. Therefore, Umix should be honored because it provides people the opportunity to develop their talent and learn music in a different way and with lower barriers, and also enabling them to share their compositions. – EYA Jury Report


Original Titel: Studentist
Website: https://vasilemario.github.io/Studentist/
Country: Romania
Producer(s): Ștefan Blaga

Studentist is an app helping dental students to do their practice on real patients.

In Romania dental students have to gain experience and work with patients to complete their studies. Professional dental care is very expensive and many poor people cannot afford it. The main goal of Studentist is to connect these target groups and match students and patients.

Patients needing dental care can find students who need to practise. Students work under the supervision of a university professor ensuring professionalism and safety. Patients only have to pay materials. Win-Win for all.

EYA Jury Evaluation:

STUDENTIST is an app that connects dental students who are in need of patients to practice on, and patients who are willing to ask their help if it costs less. The jury found this an excellent project that creates a win-win situation for students and patients alike. The proposal is socially engaged, sustainable (even profitable) and can be upscaled by introducing it to other countries with similar structural needs. – EYA Jury report

Continental App Camp Europe

The Continental App Camp Europe gathered 12 app developers  from four different countries (Austria, Macedonia, Poland and Romania) helping each other to further develop their mobile apps. It took place in Salzburg, Austria, from July 10-15, 2018.

The best four of the Camp – chosen by an expert jury – were invited to participate in an eight-days-long business & marketing training in Macedonia from September 17-24. AND have the chance to win the European Youth Award in the Special Category mYouth!

The App Camp was held simultaneously with the Media Moving Forward Camp gathering 45 journalists from eight different countries. More information here.


Benefits! All applicants… 

  • boosted their IT-skills and further develop their mobile app!
  • benefitted from mentoring and coaching during a fantastic 5-days program in Salzburg!
  • met 11 other coding enthusiats from Austria, Macedonia, Poland and Romania!
  • got to know 45 young journalists from eight different countries and benefit from pan-European promotion!
  • built and expand their future success network!

mYouth Continental App Camp Jury

The winners of the Continental App Camp Europe will be invited to a 8-day-long business and marketing training in Macedonia! But who will select the best four Apps? Who are the dedicated jurors having the tough task to decide?

We proudly present the outstanding personalities that make up the App Camp Jury!

Veronika Hornung-Prähauser
Head of the Innovation Lab of the Salzburg Research Landesforschungsgesellschaft; Senior Researcher for Applied Innovation and Management Research

Philipp Goetz
Co-founder & CEO | REDOX Labs

Werner Richtsfeld
Co-founder | BikerSOS

Erin Snell
Senior Media Advisor | Silicon Castles GmbH

Walter J. Knoglinger
Teamlead | Youthplatform of Salzburg's Federal State

Gabriele Sevignani
Communications Manager | AQA Pearls – For You and Planet Blue

Jan Schwieger
Head of Web & Mobile Projects | Styria Content Creation

Marjan Icoski
Project Coordinator | Mladiinfo

Agnes Boehm
Product Development Coordinator | Salzburg Schokolade

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