EYA goes Partnership: mYOUTH

mYouth 2.0 – Mobile, Young, Opportunity, Unity, Technology, Help” is the follow up project of mYouth 2016 embracing the concepts of building digital skills. Through mYouth, young people will gain high skills for the development of mobile applications.

It’s a unique chance for global mobile learning! mYouth 2.0 connects participants from twelve different countries: Austria, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Ghana, Kenia, Senegal, Tanzania, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

How will this aim be be accomplished?

By learning-to-code and coding-to-learn! mYouth is providing the space where you can benefit from a learner-centered learning about the usage of mobile applications. Learn all about myouth on myouth.eu!

“The mYouth event in 2016 was giving me the feeling that I have been definitely in the right place on the right time. It was a great step for my project because of the technical support I got from trainers and participants, beside the great time we spent together as participants. There were for sure some obstacles, but in general it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had!”  

Abdul AlSharaf

EYA Young Digital Champion 2016 | Founder, FreeCom | Software Engineer and Consultant, MHP - A Porsche Company

Timline of Action!

✩ Kick-Off Meeting in Singapore from January 28-31

✩ Open Call for Online Competition / National Mobile Apps Contests in all partner countries to apply for the Continental App Camps from February to April*

Continental App Camp Africa: with participants from Ghana, Kenya, Senegal & Tanzania in Ghana from April 10-15, 2018
Continental App Camp Asia: with participants from Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam in Hong Kong from June 5-10, 2018
Continental App Camp Europe: with participants from Austria, Macedonia, Poland, Romania in Austria (Salzburg) from July 10-15, 2018

✩ International Business and Marketing Camp in Macedonia in August with the best four participants of each Continental App Camp (8 days)

Submission of all products for #EYA18 – mYouth category

✩ EYA Festival in Graz from November 28-December 1: 1 Winner per continent.

Apply here for the Continental App Camp in Salzburg (if you travel from Austria*)!

*Please note: if you come from Macedonia, Poland or Romania, please get in touch with the mYouth partners there: mladiinfo (Elena Chekorova), Association Institute of New Technologies (Agnieszka Urbaniak), Risky Business (Ana Maria Bujor).



Making mYouth possible: the awesome mYouth partner organisations:


mYouth is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union: