Message by Peter A. Bruck

Join forces for social change!


The European Youth Award (EYA) brings together, connects and inspires young people from all corners of Europe. They share one thing: a strong motivation to improve their communities and societies with their skills in the use of digital technologies.

EYA participants have identified a personal and societal problem and they are developing a digital solution to resolve it for themselves, for others, for an entire community.

The winning Projects of EYA 2018 include inspiring solutions that were created inside refugee camps, help the homeless or connect people all over Europe for business or education. While some projects tackle large scale societal challenges with campaigns in marginalized communities or nation-wide blood donations there are also very specific solutions to concrete, practical problems like hand tremor treatment. Another project enables small children to learn the logic of coding while playing with robotic toys. It is impressive what creativity and social commitment young developers and designers are showing!

They key to success is to be part of a community and to communicate. EYA connects for a larger European impact.

EYA serves as a platform for enthusiastic young people who desire to create change through digital communication and IT. Join forces to overcome the divides faced in today’s world. Digital technologies are powerful tools that can encourage a Europe that is more connected, a Europe that overcomes social divides and leaves no person behind, a Europe that is safe and fit for the future.

This year, EYA has co-operated with the educational NGO mladiinfo from MacedoniA for the “mYouth 2.0” program, aiming to support young people from Africa, Asia and Europe to develop mobile applications with social impact. Through a series of events and competitions, three winning projects were identified. They enhance creativity, tackle the issues of education in marginalized areas and access to dental treatment.

EYA is teaming up with European organizations to organize media camps and train young journalists to report on new technologies and connecting them with young developers and digital designers on a low-threshold level.

When the EYA jury met for a three-day session in Prishtina, Kosovo, jurors lead innovation workshops and design thinking sessions with local start-ups organized by experienced partners in the region and addressing a significant group of innovative young Kosovarians thriving to create their own businesses.

EYA has developed a year full of inspiring events thanks to our partner organisations and the fruitful collaborations. The City of Graz and Province of Styria is hosting annually the highlight: the EYA Winners Festival. From the City Hall to the floating Island in the river Mur, from the University of Applied Sciences to the festal hall in the mountain “Dom im Berg”, EYA festival participants and winners  are treated to wonderful venues. As a City of both Human Rights and of Design Graz is the perfect place to present digital solutions with social impact!

Congratulations to all winning teams and thanks to each and every person who joined the movement to improve society through digital technologies. I thank every person who supports the European Youth Award activities and events.


Peter A. Bruck
EYA Initiator| Honorary Chairman ICNM