Media Moving Forward:
Reporting on and Using New Technologies

Training course in Salzburg from July 9-15, Austria

EYA together with Youth Press Austria (Jugendpresse Österreich) invited 5 enthusiastic young media makers (18-30 years old)  from Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Montenegro and Portugal to join the training course “Media Moving Forward: Reporting on and Using New Technologies”. It will be held on 9–15 July 2018 in Salzburg, Austria, in parallel with the mYouth Continental App Camp Europe.

Selected participants will also attend second training course taking place on 26 November–2 December 2018 (EYA Fetsival) in Graz, Austria, and be available between two trainings to work on database of diverse scientific projects as well as digital projects with social impact that will be displayed on interactive map on project’s website.

About the project

The aim of the project is to bring science behind new technologies closer to public, and thus popularise it, through media. During week-long training course (seminars, workshops, study visits), the participants will gain insight into diverse topic – augmented/virtual reality, robotics/artificial intelligence, but also nuclear fission and fusion, space missions etc. They will be able to report on those topics in simpler, but still accurate, way. The participants will also explore new technologies used in media (e.g. 4K video, 360 video). They will create reportages published on the project’s website and in an Orange Magazine e-book later. There will be also second training in Graz at the end of November 2018 along with the European Youth Award Festival.

Participants of the youth exchange will:
  • be trained on how to report on digital technologies and events related to them;
  • learn about modern technologies that can be used in media and get skills in using them;
  • get the opportunity to work in an innovative and scientific environment – interview people working in the field of digital technologies and visit various organisations;
  • learn about the role of media in the public sphere;
  • get their skills on making media and reporting improved;
  • learn about other countries and cultures, work in an international team.
Who are the participants?
  • Young media makers (student or recent graduate), representatives of non-governmental organisations focused on media, people interested in science and digital technologies, people interested in media;
  • Between 18-30 years old (one participant can be older than 30 years);
  • Residents of Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Montenegro and Portugal.

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Media Moving Forward is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union: