Media Moving Forward Camp II – Program 2018


Throughout the day: Arrivals

19.30 | Welcome Dinner & Europe Café  (Icebreakers and Networking)
Registration and team building dinner and activities for participants, group leaders and project coordinators.
Hotel A & O, Eggenberger Str. 7

9.00-9.30 | Welcome speech and presentation of organisers. Agenda overview and rules. What is the Media Moving Forward Camp and what are its aims and objectives? Who are the organizers and how did they come up with the idea? You will get insights in everything you need to know. Martin Maska, European Youth Press

9.30-10.30| What is the European Youth Award, agenda & registration for interviews. 5 thrilling days are awaiting you – but what can you expect exactly? Go through the agenda with the EYA project manager and ask all your burning questions. You may also register for different tasks for the upcoming days. Birgit Kolb, European Youth Award

10.30-11.00 | YOUR Fears & Expectations. What do you expect from the camp? What are your doubts? Let’s discuss!

11.00-11.45 | Introduction into data-visualisation. Nowadays it’s important to know about the particularities of proper visualization of scientific data and challenges: how can you be accurate and avoid simplification or distortion? Martin Maska, European Youth Press

11.45-13-00 | Workshop: Visualisation of scientific data in media. Put what you learnt into practice. Roll up your sleeves and get hands on! Martin Maska, European Youth Press

13-00-14.00 | Lunch time: Recharge with food & friends

14.00-16.30 | Popularisation of technologies and science by media. How to create media formats (for example TV show) on technologies and scientific topics? How to avoid simplification? How to popularize science among young people and audience in general? During this session you will not only learn about this topic but also write your own script for a TV show on (digital) technologies or any scientific topic of your choice. Martin Maska, European Youth Press

16.30-19.00 | Visit to the Kleine Zeitung press room

19.00-20.00 | Dinner time: Recharge with food & friends Hotel A & O, Eggenberger Str. 7

10-00-11.00 | Interviews with EYA Winners 2018 Hotel A & O, Eggenberger Str. 7

11.30-15.30 | Writing articles and hand in (per mail to, The article about the interview with the Winners 2018 has to be written in cooperation with campers from other countries. It should be 2-4 pages long, with a professionally looking layout and photos. It will be published on EYA’s and EYP’s website. Please don’t forget to include the credentials of all editors – deadline at 15:30.

16.00-17.45 |Registration Café for the EYA Festival Event registration is boring and means a long queue? Not at the EYA Festival! Pick-up your ticket & welcome bag and get to know other Festival participants while enjoying a nice cup of coffee at a very special venue. Murinsel, Lendkai 19

18.15-21.00 | OPENING CEREMONY OF THE EYA FESTIVAL 2018 (by confirmed registration only) City Hall Graz, Senate Chamber, 2nd Floor, Hauptplatz 1

18.15-19.00 | Europe’s Digital Heroes – Lightening Talks and Official Opening With awesome guests of honor:

✩ Anna Hopper, City Councilor Graz, Austria ✩ Barbara Nussmüller and Eberhard Schrempf, Creative Industries Styria, Austria ✩ Elke Lujansky-Lammer, Ombud for Equal Treatment, Regional Office Styria, Austria ✩ Lukas Mandl, Member of the European Parliament, Austria (video message)

Moderator: Peter A. Bruck, Honorary Chairman ICNM, Austria

19.00-19.40 | Ten Meters of Thinking With and by Paul Hughes, Director of Ten Meters of Thinking, Ireland

19.40-21.00 | Networking with new friends and fans | Socialising at the City Hall Graz Network while enjoying Styrian food & beverages!

 9.30-9.45 | Welcome to the EYA Festival fhjoanneum_logo_web_coop

Peter A. Bruck, Honorary Chairman ICNM, Austria

 9.45-11.30 | EYA Campfire: Flames of Inspiration

“Learning the hard way” – in small groups, you may listen to stories & first-hand experiences of EYA mentors, former winners and other international experts from fields of innovation, start-ups, digitization and social impact. Get inspired and ask all your burning questions directly!

Thomas W. Albrecht, Expert for Authenticity and Mental Innovation | TWA Mentale Innovation GmbH, Austria
✩ Wolf Becvar, UX professional, COO HotGloo, writer, speaker, Austria
✩ Matteo Consonni, Business Creation Manager | EIT Health Germany, Germany/Italy
✩ Jonas Dinger, Coordinator | Social Impact Award, Austria
✩ Ahmed El Sobky, Vice CEO | Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), Egypt
✩ Belkis Etz, VP Human Resources | SKIDATA AG, Austria
✩ Alexander Haider, Managing Director | LCT Light & Concrete Technology, Austria
✩ Paul Hughes, Director|Ten Meters of Thinking, Netherlands/Ireland
✩ Markus Leitner, Senior Product Manager | SKIDATA AG, Austria
✩ Reinhard Mayr, Head of Information Security and Research Operation | COPA-DATA, Austria
Pihla Rostedt, Designer| Rostedt & Co, Finland
Wolfgang Schaffer, Authorized Signatory & Senior Project Manager | bit media e-solutions GmbH, Austria
✩ Karim Taga, Managing Partner | Arthur D. Little Austria GmbH, Austria
Eva Verfürth, Editor in Chief | Tea after Twelve, Germany
Bernhard Weber, Center of entrepreneurship and applied business studies | University of Graz, Austria
Rüdiger Wetzl-Piewald, Director | Social Business Club Styria, Austria
✩ Nora Wolloch, Project Manager | World Summit Awards, Austria
✩ Christoph Zwahlen, Global Marketing Manager Access Management  | NXP, Austria

More “flames” will be confirmed soon – stay tuned!

Moderator: Peter A. Bruck, Honorary Chairman ICNM, Austria

11.30-11.45 | Mind regeneration with coffee and friends – Have a cup of coffee with EYA mentors

11.45–13.15 | Interactive Capacity Building Workshops 

✩ “Blockchain for social impact: does it make sense to move your project on blockchain?”, Odeta Iseviciute, Brain on chillies, LIT | Audimax
Not sure what this blockchain is all about? During this interactive workshop you will learn the basics and work in groups to theoretically move a traditional social impact project on to blockchain. You will then be able to use this knowledge to determine whether your own project would benefit from it.

“Countering fake news & drama”, Sarah Klein & Eva Verfürth, Tea after Twelve, GER | Audimax
Sex sells, drama and crisis do too, and if there’s no current scandal around, there’s always some rumor afloat about evil refugees or some other big, bad wolf the news outlets can glom onto. While a lot of people working in media seem to think that only scandalous headlines attract readers and increase their reach, this is not actually true. With a bit of creativity and innovative writing, your story about social innovation can go viral.  Learn in this workshop how to counter fake news and doom-and-gloom reporting by telling the stories that truly matter.

✩ “Step into the light: Analytics-driven organizations”, Panayiotis Andreou, UCLan Cyprus, CYP | seminar room G.EA11.015
Market competition is getting more and more fierce. Becoming a market leader, or even surviving in some sectors, is highly depended on being able to foresee market needs and adapt accordingly. Data analytics is a powerful instrument to do so. In this workshop, you will get an overview of the data analytics process and main techniques, which encompasses the management, exploration, communication and interpretation of data, transforming raw data into useful information. You will also uncover hidden insights and trends that can drive strategic decisions and unveil new markets.

“Strategies for Social Impact – how to achieve social change”Jonas Dinger, Social Impact Award Austria, AUT | Audimax
What are the strategies employed by social ventures and initiatives to create social impact? What modes of social innovation are employed by successful social enterprises in order to foster social change? With the help of many real-life cases from Austria and beyond, the workshop will center around those questions. Furthermore, an interactive tool will be introduced for analyzing the contributions of your project towards social change.

✩ “Successful Concept Development and Beyond!”Chris Bauer, Bauer & Associates, AUT| seminar room 257
Projects in the creative industries need well developed concepts as a first step, in order to be realized. This workshop shows how to develop compelling concepts shown as advanced computer presentations, brochures, flyers, computer animations and scale models. The workshop shows best practice and discusses why some concepts led to large projects or have failed badly. Inspiration upfront at

UX Design Tactics Bootcamp”, Attila Horányi, MOME; HUN & Wolf Becvar, HotGloo, AUT | Audimax
Have you ever designed a (simple) gadget yourself? This is your chance! In this workshop you will design the concept of a simple gadget, test it, develop it further, and finally share your results with the others. You will be working with 4-5 colleagues in a group.

13.15-14.30 | Recharge with food & friends

Winners present their outstanding digital projects in 4 minutes, followed by max. 3 minutes Q & A

WINNERS BLOCK I: Healthy Life & Smart Learning
Blood Donor, Kosovo
ViLim, Lithuania
Pixis, France
✩ Study Smarter, Germany
The Ifs – the robotics family that teaches programming to children, Spain
Moderators: Dimitar Jovevski & Pihla Rostedt

WINNERS BLOCK II: Connecting Cultures, Planet Friendly, Active Citizenship
✩ SammTalk, Norway
✩ Food+x, Slovenia
✩ Soliguide, France
✩ Ethicjobs, Italy
✩ Sharqishop, Jordan
Moderators: Odeta Iseviciute & Attila Horányi

WINNERS BLOCK III: Sustainable Economics, mYouth
 Boxwise, Greece
100 Masters, UK
✩ mYouth Africa: MTabe, Tanzania
✩mYouth Asia: UMix Music App, Hong Kong
✩ mYouth Europe: Studentist, Romania
Moderators: Dimitar Jovevski & Irene Polycarpou

19.00-20.00 | Local Students Program Workshops 
Winners meet with “their” student group from FH CAMPUS02 or FH JOANNEUM to answer questions.
FH JOANNEUM, Audimax, Eggenberger Allee 11

20.00-22.00 | The Final Choice: Jury Dinner and Decision Meeting (closed / for jurors only)
Selecting the overall winners (EYA and mYouth)

Hotel Europa, Restaurant, 1st floor, Bahnhofgürtel 89

Festival participants and Winners after the Workshops: Enjoy an awesome free evening in the City of Graz, City of Human Rights & Design!

Here you will find recommendations of where to go: ESN_Graz_info_recommendations

10.00-13.00 | EYA Solution Jam
Which are most burning questions for companies? Which are real business challenges nowadays? How can YOU contribute to a meaningful solution? Are your ideas feasible? Accept the challenge!
Companies from different fields will present you a real-life challenge. You will work together in changing working-groups on these challenges and present your smart ideas in the end. What does the company representative think about your concept? Take the chance to get in contact with business players and maybe meet your future employer!


13.00 – 14.15 | Lunch time: Recharge with food and friends

14.15 – 16.15 | Open Space: Student Exhibition
Go WOW by the astonishing consulting work of students from all over Europe: they worked on analyses and suggestions for further development of the winning projects and will showcase their results interactively (exhibition with open discussion and vote for the best “student project” (announced and awarded at the Gala Ceremony))

The best Local and International Team will selected by outstanding Expert Juries and the audience! Check out the Local Student Group Jury and International Student Group Jury!

✩ Babes-Bolyai University, Romania (Coordinator: Cristina Pop Tiron)
✩ FHNW, Switzerland (Coordinator: Lynn Lim)
✩ MOME University, Hungary (Coordinator: Attila Horányi)
EAL, Denmark (Coordinator: Jakub Thomsen)
✩ TAMK University, Finland (Coordinator: Sohvi Sirkesalo)
 University of Skopje, Macedonia (Coordinator: Dimitar Jovevski)
CROPbotics, Youth STEM Community, & IT Girls, Bosnia & Herzegovina (Coordinator: Tanja Madžarević)
✩ FH CAMPUS 02, Austria (C.s: Elisabeth Pergler, Michael Terler, Wolfgang Knöbl)
FH JOANNEUM, Austria (Coordinator: Lisa Mahajan)

Moderator: Birgit Kolb, EYA Project Manager, Austria

Are you ready to party with digital heroes?

Celebrate your learnings from the Festival with your new friends, dance till the morning light and feel the EYA spirit!

✩ Masters of Ceremony: Ivory Parker & Aferdita Pustina

✩ Music: Ivory Parker

19.00 Doors open & cocktail & reception | 20.00 Begin of the Gala Ceremony| 22.00 Afterparty 

(please note: there is no full dinner)

9.30-11.00 | European Huddle: Reflection & Future Plans
What did you learn? Which new friends have you found? What future collaboration plans did you make? Reflect and share your learnings and experience with all other Festival participants and hug everyone good-bye!
Hotel Europa, Bahnhofgürtel 89

12.30-13.30 | Enjoy Graz, Explore the Town!
City Tour | Meeting point: tram stop “Südtiroler Platz/Kunsthaus”

15.00-16.00 | Media making at the international level
You want to make media at an international level? There are many opportunities at the EU level – networks, funding opportunities, online platforms (e.g. Learn about them! In addition, you will get insight how to find partners, create and manage international teams with specific focus on (digital) technologies and science.
Martin Maska, European Youth Press

16.00 | Joint walk to the City Centre

16.30 | Official Opening of the Graz Christmas market by the Mayor Siegfried Nagl
Get enchanted by the wonderful X-Mas spirit of an Austrian X-Mas market. Enjoy a cup of mulled wine, chestnuts and roasted almonds!

Going Home!

9.30-11.00 | Final presentations and Discussion
Present your stories! Which articles did you write? What interviews did you make? The project coordinators will present the project’s website including a blog with daily posts.

11.30-12.00 | Good-bye activities and closing speech
Martin Maska, European Youth Press

Throughout the day: getting home safely!