Mara, you’re the operational manager of Risky Business. Can you tell us a little bit more about this awesome organization?

Well Risky Business is the first perceived accelerator in Romania and we also have an NGO that is in charge of activities for young people; educational activities related to entrepreneurship and technology. We try to have as many activities as possible for our people in Romania and Europe over all.

So what are the upcoming events of Risky Business?

Well, as soon as I get back home I have to get back to organizing the Women’s startup competition, the semi-finals in Romania. And soon after we are also partnering with Cold Camp; more technology of course. And then we’re organizing together with Techsilvania at Startup Avalanche, which is one of the biggest startup competitions in the region.

So with Risky Business you are one of the partners of the mYouth Project, what do you think about the benefits participants might gain?

Oh, it’s clearly the contacts and access to a lot of smart people who know a lot of great things. So if they want to get something done, now is the moment they will get all the resources they want and if not, we’ll find the resources they want.

Great. What is the last message to the community of change makers from your side?

Get that work. Just work hard and it will happen.

Great. Now let’s rock mYouth!