What was your personal motivation to participate?
For me, the SHack in Vienna was the ideal playground to develop one of the prototypes for our startup. As my cofounder and I aren’t developers, the Hackathon provided access to great people who could support in the technical deployment of our idea. Furthermore, it was a great chance to grow our network, visit a beautiful city and have fun.

Which of the prizes will you use?
I will use the training course on Social Impact Measurement in Tunisia at the end of the year.

Explain again – the very specific solution you have created with “Fit for Future” and how it helps teachers?
Fit for Future is a web application that supports teachers to foster 21st century skill development in their students. This competency framework depicts what competencies students need besides subject-specific knowledge in order to succeed in life. Our solution provides teachers with rituals, methods and assignments they can easily implement in their lessons to grow competencies such as Collaboration or Leadership & Responsibility in their students. All methods are scientifically proven and are designed increase the effectiveness of the teaching.






Are you going to further develop it into a product?
Yes, we are. Next, we’re going to test our idea, evaluate the feedback we receive and improve our solution. For this, we are looking for teachers who want to test and give feedback.

Tell us about the event – was there something special about this social hackathon?
For me, the most special part was the team I worked with. I was lucky to find a great team with Front- and Backend developers and a UX designer. There’s a good chance that we will continue working together. Compared to other Hackathons I attended, the continuous support of coaches was special. They were always around and eager to jump in, give new perspectives and push our idea further.