We speak with Riccardo Sonnino from Ethic Jobs, one of the EYA winning projects in 2018.
They certify enterprises that present the highest standards of workplace well-being, by focussing on the satisfaction of people who work there.


How has your business developed since the EYA Festival?
We have experienced a steady growth for the past six months and we recently aquired new customers after our first investment in event marketing.


Are you making money?
Yes, but we also aim to scale up therefore we are close to conclude a financing deal with a bank and about to start an acceleration program.


What kept you going / Where does motivation come from during hard times?
That hard times come for everybody. We trust in the quality of our product and our idea and we believe that it’s only a matter of effort and time to overcome them.



Are you planning to expand in other countries?
Yes, thanks to the wider scope presented to us during our experience in Austria we are looking now to expand our scaling plan for the future towards a european and worldwide market.

In which way has winning the European Youth Award helped your business grow?
Our EYA-mentor from Santander Consumer Bank gave us interesting insights and we plan on updating him soon enough. 

We also investigated towards the SME instrument opportunities due to the advise received and we are planning to start with the Phase 1 in the next months.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

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