Tell us about your organization BTG Philippines.

BTG is a youth league and youth serving NGO. We mostly work with youth in disadvantaged communities. We mostly do Erasmus+ projects were in we send Filipinos abroad and host different organizations in the Philippines. We also lead and organize different projects with our local partner communities and local governments. We host international volunteers and send Filipino volunteers abroad. We also do social enterprise incubators and accelerators so we help young Filipino aspiring social entrepreneurs to develop their ideas to reality. We help them develop their projects, their ideas and to help find money to start a social enterprise.

What is the most exciting project you are currently involved in?

For now we are doing Tree of Life with one of our partner volunteers. It’s about helping an indigenous community to have clean water and solar energy at the same time; so renewable energy, this technical stuff. We are sending us volunteers to build this Tree of Life, to give life to this disadvantaged community.

Wow that is really cool. And you are also a partner of the awesome mYouth project. What do you think are the best benefits someone can gain out of participating?

I guess, for Filipinos most importantly, to learn a new skill, to learn how to code and at the same time learn how to become an entrepreneur. Mixing both can make them more employable and at the same time make them a really perspective entrepreneur.

Cool. Thank you, so what is your message to the young community of social change makers all around the world?

I would say, people will think we’re crazy. But being crazy makes us actually the real doers in this world that can actually make a change.

Great, thank you. Let’s rock mYouth!