Andreea Moraru was one of the 15 young digital entrepreneurs who perfected and presented their mobile apps during the Continental App Camp Europe in Salzburg. Thanks to the talented young journalists of the Media Moving Forward Camp we’re able to provide the following interview:



Let’s admit it, we all had troubles with math in high school. There were many reasons, from being lazy, missing
classes because of illness, teachers were boring, some things were so abstract and seemed so useless…. Well imagine
if there was only cool looking app that could have helped with all missed classes, lessons that were not learned early
on in maths but they followed you or are still following you by this day. So when we heard the other day at
Techno-Z pitch, that was part of Media Moving Forward/ Youth app camp, one of app developers talking about
math solving app, we knew we needed to do interview with her. Andreea Moraru,19 year old Moldovan, is trying to
make a positive change in her society, helping young Moldovans with their math problems via her app “You shall

Hello Andrea, can you tell us how did you get the idea to create this app?

I am in highschool so I know highschool troubles with mathematics. Sometimes I needed help in maths,
when I missed something, or when there was a new topic to learn, which was very complicated for me.
So I understand that if you want to do something by yourself, to review, or if you miss something at
school, we (students) don’t have enough resources for that.

So you say that sometimes you needed help with maths, but now you are the one who is making math

Yes, I asked my teachers for some help sometimes, or I had some extra lessons. I got better and now I
understand math with no problems.

But if that is a case, can digital substitute teachers?

You know, there is not enough teachers at school and there is not enough time for teachers to commit to
every student. It is hard to get their attention and explanation. It is complicated, you know, even teachers
can’t give a good explanation sometimes. We are not learning the same way and we need different tools.
This is, as I said, supplement for a teacher, if you don’t understand something or if you want to learn
something on your own. It is there to improve yourself, to find what is better way to learn for you.

So does your app help people to understand problems or just shows how to solve them?

I think it is both, because there are different tasks in app, so you can see the problem in different ways,
not just to repeat a pattern, but to understand it as well.

Can you than tell us a little bit more about how your app works?

First of all, it is made for highschool students. It works in a way that you have different topics and when
you chose a topic you have a lesson. There you just understand the basis, and you have only to apply
formula. It goes to real basis, if you missed something in your schooling before. Than you have some
exercise. After that, it gets a little bit complicated because it is not that you just need to apply formula but
you need to think how to solve it, what is the better solution to solve it.
In this way it is not just copying something, it is different kinds of exercises that make you think different,
so, if you understand the lesson, you are able to resolve different kinds of exercises.

We really enjoyed the design of it…

You mean you like how it looks? Well, I like this theme, you know, the space. It is unknown and that
makes it a perfect metaphor for math learning. It looks like with app you are discovering something,
which is big and unknown, and the more you understand it you know that there is more to learn and it is
getting better and more interesting.

… but we were sad it wasn’t in english language…

For now it is in Romanian and we can’t make it in a lot of languages. We need to start with something
and see what happens, how it goes. We want to test it first, to make it as good as possible for teaching
before we move to part of making it global.

So you didn’t have any proper testing on people yet?

We did a lot of research, we explored how people think and learn. Some friends have tried it already and
they say it is helpful and it is working. Now we are improving it on their input, I guess there is always
place for improvements.

What is your buisness plan?

Now we are thinking to work with some organisations. I am really interested in improving education in
Moldova. I think it is social project, it should help people first of all and the money is not that important
for now.

..and what are your plans for the future?

Well that is kind of a hard question. I was so into this project I didn’t think about that for a while. To
finish Computer sciences at University of Budapest, where I just applied. I would love to continue
working on new startups and also to get some experience in business management. I am all about IT, I know!!