How to submit your digital project successfully for #EYA19

Submitting your digital project for the European Youth Award 2019 is very easy. You just have to register and describe your digital  project in the EYA Contest Database. How does that work? Simply follow the instructions below!


1) Open the Contest Database.

Click here to access the Contest Database and select your country. Recommended browser: Mozilla Firefox



2) If you have never applied for EYA before, please click register


3) The registration form opens

You only have to fill in your First Name, Last Name and Email. You will be asked to fill in other contact details later.


Click submit and continue. This message will appear:


4) Check your Email

You will receive an Email with your username and password. This may take up to 15 minutes, please be patient. Don’t forget to check your spam filter.


5) Login

Return to the Contest Database and log in with your new account and Sign In.


6) Startpage. Complete your Profile.


You will be able to register a new project by clicking the green button.


7) Register your digital project

First, fill in the basic information about your project: Title in English and Original Language, country (check the eligible countries here)  and category (please choose one category on the basis of the category descriptions). Please note: you CANNOT change the category by yourself later. If you want to change categories, please send an Email to eya[at] Click “Save and continue”.


8) Please fill in all requested contact and project data

There are four areas which have to be completed: contact person, project data, co-producers/team and project information. You can edit the data by clicking the “Edit” button on the top right of each section. In addition you can upload files or a link to your server to access additional information (presentations, videos, screenshots, etc).

a) Contact person: this is the contact person for your #EYA application. All EYA relevant information (deadline reminder, shortlists, winners) will be sent to this Email (as well as the registration Email address). These contact details cannot be seen by the jury or other 3rd parties. If the contact person is the same as the registrant, you can tick the box and fill in the missing data.

b) Project data:
in this area please give basic information about your project. If there are any special or system requirements to access your project/product, please state them in the respective field (e.g. android or iOS; specific browser recommended, country availability, etc.)

c) Producers:
please list the producing team. If the contact person is member of the team (in 99 % this will be the case), please tick the box and add the job title. You can add additional producers by clicking on the green button.

d) Project Information:
please answer all questions in this section. To make it easier for jurors to evaluate your work, try to be as concise as possible. You can find a comprehensive guide how to answer all questions including samples here.


9) Upload files

Please upload additional files like pictures, photos, videos, pitch decks, etc. Don’t overload the jury with hundreds of pictures but provide them with necessary and valuable information to be able to understand and visualize your project.


10) Save your data and continue

You can save the data at any time and continue with your application later on. At the buttom of the page, you can find a yellow box listing all the data which is still missing before you can submit your project.


11) Submit your project

If you filled in all data, you will be able to submit your project. Please tick the box “I accept the Terms and Conditions” and click the “Submit button”.

APPLY NOW! Win the European Youth Award 2019

PLEASE NOTE: the deadline for project submission is July 31, 2019 (EXTENDED DEADLINE). Only complete and submitted (!) applications will be evaluated by the jury.

If you encounter any problems with registration, please contact the EYA office.