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The demand for Virtual Reality has dramatically increased within the past few years. To meet this demand, many young indiviuals have turned to careers in creating Virtual Reality games and hardware.  The largest developer community in China, VRCORE, has worked to bridge its local community of creators with the aspiring developers by sharing more of their knowledge, communication, and understanding of the Chinese market.

In the summer of 2017, VRCORE works with various global VR developer communities to host the world’s first Global VR Hackathon. This event bringing together individuals from all over the world creates a unique opportunity to foster collaboration and promote the VR industry.

From June through July, VR communities in different regions hosted regional competitions of the Global VR Hackathon – you could find events in Austria, China, USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore and Chinese Taipei.

EYA is partner of this awesome initiative and the EYA Game Jam served as Regional Station Austria. The three winners will board the plane to Shanghai in late August to participate in the Final Championship Competition and represent Austria!