The Styrian Government organizes the ‘Geist & Gegenwart’ dialogues to create a formal platform for in-depth intellectual discourse on important questions of our time, something which has always been a major concern for Graz and Styria, which constitute a dynamic hub in the South-East of Europe.


EYA is invited to participate with a group of 20 people at this years Dialogue Forum / Whitsun Dialogue in Seggau Castle on the topic “Digital Europe. No borders, no limits?”

Speakers and participants like the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, researcher and EYA-Boardmember Johanna Pirker and the Head of Strategy at the Cyber Crime Center of Europol Philipp Amann will discuss questions like:

What kind of developments are possible and which are unavoidable? And how can we (still) control these developments? How should Europe position itself in global competition? How will digitalisation change our economy, the world of work and our society? What, in turn, does that mean for communication and (political) decision-making processes? What ethical and social challenges does digitalisation bring?



Which boundaries are being crossed, what kind of restrictions are required? Can Europe’s cultural diversity be a strength in this situation? And what role is played by Europe‘s regions and cross-border areas such as the Alpe-Adria region?

We are very happy to be able to contribute with the expertise from our community members and are looking forward to 3 enriching and inspiring days!