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Name: Ship Happens!

Producers: Manuela Elser, Zhuoran Liu, Andreas Müller, Žiga Pavlovič

Platform: Oculus Rift

A 2-player VR Game where Player 1 plays with the Oculus, and  Player 2 is given an instruction kit. Player 1 is trapped on a sinking ship and emergency calls Player 2. Player 2 has a map of the ship and tries to navigate Player 1 to escape the sinking ship. This interactive game allows for the experience of VR to be shared amongst friends. 

Name: OCEANSEA – Riding the waves of marine pollution
Producers: Steffi Arndorfer, Hannah Holzmann, Alexander Seiner, Falk van Schneider, Beata Stanova, Michael Wahlhütter
Platform: PC, MAC, Android, iOS

OCEANSEA is a game, where the task is to save the player’s fish from being eaten by a predator fish. The goal is to escape by jumping over waves, avoiding objects that are polluting the ocean and slow the player down and catching speed boosting bonus objects. OCEANSEA educates the players about marine pollution and provides a surprising twist at the end of each level. The main message of the game is to raise awareness about the need for eco-friendly thinking and at the same time to provide the player with a memorable gaming experience.

Name: Find your way home
Producers: Mac Krebernik, Stefan Nebel, Robert Richter, Armin Solderer
Platform: Google Cardboard

Inspired by the keynote about VR sound design by Josef Gründler, our team tried to prove that VR can deliver completely new gameplay experiences through sound design alone.
Find your way home explores how to establish a sense of virtual presence through audio cues. The goal of the game is to find your way home after you’ve went to get water at the forest well. Your only guide through the forest maze is a small bird, whose song will guide you towards the goal.
Since players can’t see the bird until they get close to him, sound is the only navigational tool players need to rely on. Even on modest VR hardware, simple headphones and basic input, this concept proves to have huge potential for further gameplay implementations in VR.

Name: Poseidons Happiness
Producers: Benedikt Geierhofer, Thomas Katter, Markus Weger
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Be a mighty seagod and get your believer from the island into the holy sea. Evade the non-believer to hold your holyness in all eternity.

Name: Water Balloon Fight VR
Producers: Johannes Kopf, Florian Kolaritsch, Marcel Lohfeyer, Patrick Promitzer, Robert Tieber, Gideon Unger
Platform: HTC VIVE

The game is set in a small garden. The player just wants to eat some sausages, but the smell of the barbecue attracts the neighbour kids. You have to defend your sausages, by shooting the children with water balloons. When the children are hit, they run away and the barbecue is saved.

Name: Quagger

Producers: Gottfried Fraißler, Patrick Hipp, Stefan Reichenauer

Platform: PC

Being a famous mafia boss is hard these days. Pirates and cowboys want the demise of your family. In a fight between both parties, the cowboys kidnapped your family and the pirates kidnapped you. You get the chance to escape from the pirate ship and rescue your beloved! Unfortunately, the sea is full of creatures like piranhas, sharks and sirens who want their own piece of you. Make your way through the sea in this “Top-Down” scribbling adventure which might remind you a bit of an old arcade game with a little frog.

Name: Inferno Löscher
Producers: Klemens Bardakji, Moritz Knauder, Frederick Knauder, Zaim Sarajlic
Platform: Android

The game is called “Inferno Löscher“ and the main objective of the game is, to escape from an island on which a volcano erupted. To escape you have to shoot the magma balls from the volcano with a water thrower. The tricky part is that you can only shoot 10 times in a row, then you have to reload the water thrower with the pump on your right.


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