Game Jam Games 2015


In 2015 for the very first time, EYA invited people with all kinds of backgrounds (programmers, game designers, artists, business students or others interested in being innovative and creating something new) to plan, design and create games or apps together in 48 hours.

In cooperation with JamToday  EYA organized a two and a half days long game and app creation marathon at the FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria. The EYA game jam focused on the topics eHealth, Go Green and Modern Family Life.  

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41 Jammers from 7 different nations developed the following 8 creative games:


Chore Score | Granny, don’t die | Ka-Ata-Killa | Karma | Marital Fight Simulator | Squash Berry | Swim Green | Tag Hunter

Chore Score

Producers: Jonas GOLLENZ, Mac KREBERNIK, Stefan PUTTINGER, Conny RAUCH

Short description:
Encourage your kids to do the housework!

Chore Score (download files)


Granny, don’t die

Producers: Thomas KATTER, Susanna KATTER, Massimo ROSIN, Andrea STACHEL, Markus WEGER

Short description:
This is a cardgame about modern family management. It’s a game for the whole family and should be mostly entertaining, but also encourage to get out of old family traditions being discriminatory and one way thinking. You can choose to play with 2-5 players. Everyone has to play one family member and has to balance health, happiness and family money watching out for himself, the family and grandma. She is a NPC character getting worse every day and someone has to sacrifice time so that grandma survives 10 rounds.
In its core it is a cardgame with NFC chips and an android app. You secretly scan your action of choice so no one knows, if you really went to work or were just playing on your console the whole day at home. The app also triggers certain events after every round which are based on the family situation. The goal is, that no one dies (grandma included) until the 10th round.

Granny don’t die (download files)


Ka-Ata-Killa – A tale of ebb and flow

Producers: Christian AFONSO, David GRIESSAUER, GYNT, Christian LEOPOLD, Stefan REICHENAUER

Short description:
In this game you move the moon around the earth to control the ocean’s water level. On dry land civilizations will rise, but an incoming flood can bring it all down.

Ka-Ata-Killa (download files)


Karma – Game of Life

Producers: Simon EICHER, Michael LIST, Sofia REISWICH, Achim SCHMIDT, Adrian SPATARU

Short description:
You start as a baby and then must make decisions in your life until unavoidable death.

Karma – Game of Life (download files)


Marital Fight Simulator 2015

Producer: Richard BLECHINGER

Short description:
50% of today’s marriages get divorced. Marital Fights are a common part of modern family life. Now it’s your time to shine! Shout and swear at your friends in the most intense fight of 2015. Two buttons is all you need. But is it worth it?

Marital Fight Simulator (download files)


Squash Berry

Producers: Nejc ANCLIN, Raphaela KLEIN, Matic LEVA, Gideon UNGER, Valerio ZANINI

Short description:
You are in a role of a healthy person trying to make your smoothie by squashing and blending members of a cute fruit family.

Squash Berry (download files)


Swim Green

Producers: Nick ACORNE, Sabrina AUER, Daniel RAITHOFER, Marco FRUHWIRTH, Stefanie HORVATH, David SZAMMER

Short description:
A fish fight radioactive pollution of the sea to save his family.


Tag Hunter


Short description:
TAG HUNTER motivates people to go for a run on a regular basis. The motivation is provided by giving users the chance to compete against each other on running tracks they have created themselves. The latter can be done my marking certain points of the track with NFC-tags which have to be tapped with the smartphone in the course of the run. The individual tracks as well as results can be shared among the users.
The challenge lies not only in reaching all the tags on the track within the shortest time but also to find the shortest connection between them. Users are setting notified when another user beats them on a certain track to keep them motivated to constantly keep improving themselves. This is going to be FUN!

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