Presentations of winning projects EYA Campfire and Interactive Capacity Building Workshops were on the schedule for the second day of the #EYA18 Festival.

It all began with “Flames of Inspiration”: participants had the opportunity to listen to stories and first-hand experiences of EYA mentors, former winners and other international experts from different fields such as digitization and social impact.


“Backdoors, trojans and social engineering represent the most imminent threat to companies operating in the automotive & IT security sector. By far the biggest threat is posed by employees and their human weaknesses.”

Reinhard Mayr, Head of Information Security and Research Operation in Austria

 “It’s all about finding strategic partners, getting to know which are the biggest sector’s competitiors, and differentiate from their core business plans, in order to gain a prominent market position.” She conitue with: “learn how to storytell your idea; find complementary teammates and choose a very good board of directors, made up of public figures, fully supporting your idea.”

Nora Wolloch, project manager of the World Summit Awards on the do’s and dont’s for sustainable and social development startups

After the campfire and lunch time, participants could choose one out of six different workshops, enriching Festival’s attendees with new knowledge but also giving them the tools to turn that knowledge into practice.

Later on, the time finally came to present the winning projects of this edition. One after the other, EYA’s digital heroes stepped on stage to pitch their innovative solutions in front of the Jurors, who could then pose their questions in a three minute time frame.

The EYA database and catalogue might have offered exhaustive description of those Apps, Websites and devices, but hearing about them from their very creators sheds a completely different light on the matter. The voices of the young innovators filled the room with energy, hope and visions of a brighter future.

The Jurors had finally all that they needed to make their decision and departed to the next venue for the final voting.

Who will be this year’s Digital Champion? The answer awaits at the Dom im Berg on Friday Evening!

This article has been created by participants of the youth exchange “Media Moving Forward” that was coordinated by the Youth Press Austria and supported by Erasmus+ programme of the EU.