D(r)ive Deep Digital: Festivalprogram

Welcome Drivers and Social Divers!

Arrivals throughout the day

From 14.00 | Registration for international student groups & Festival participants!
Pick up your welcome bag & conference badge at Hotel Europa, 1st floor, Bahnhofgürtel 89

15.30 | Welcome in Graz – First Get2Gether for EYA Winners! (for winners only)
Hotel Europa, seminar room, 1st floor, Bahnhofgürtel 89

16.00 – 17.15 | Welcome Session: Boost your Creativity in the Factory of Imagination!
Facilitators: Steffie Limère & Adam Montandon, Founders of Factory of Imagination
Hotel Europa, seminar room, 1st floor, Bahnhofgürtel 89

17.45 | Bus to the City Hall (leaving at Hotel Europa)


18.00 – 19.15 | Europe’s Digital Drivers: Lightening Talks and Official Opening

Guests of Honor:
✩ Sissi Potzinger, City Councillor Graz, Austria
Marc Fähndrich, European Commission Representation in Austria, Austria
Eunice Campbell-Clark, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, UK
✩ Dominic Neumann, Chamber of Commerce Styria, FG UBIT
✩ Barbara Nussmüller, Creative Industries Styria, Austria

Moderator: Peter A. Bruck, Honorary Chairman ICNM, Austria

19.15 – 20.00 | Ten Meters of Thinking with and by Paul Hughes, Director of Ten Meters of Thinking, Ireland

20.00 – 21.00 | Binding ties of friend- and fanship | Socialising
Styrian reception at the City Hall

Dive Deep Digital! eya_thur_morning_session_balken_blau

 9.15 – 9.30 | Welcome Words & EYA Drivers!fhjoanneum_logo_web_coop

Paul Hughes, Ten Meters of Thinking, Ireland
Pihla Rostedt, Rostedt & CO, Finland
Allen Mohammadi, CAD Detector, EYA Winner 2015, Sweden
Bernhard Weber, Center of entrepreneurship and applied business studies, Austria

 9.30 – 10.45 | EYA Campfire: Being successful, diving best
Learning about the Life of Entrepreneurs: Listen, ask, get inspired!
Mentors and entrepreneurs (TBC):

Ken Banks, kiwanja.net, UK
Sava Dalbokov, Steiermärkische Sparkasse, Austria
Markus Engelberger, itsme-for you, Austria
Niki Ernst, IACy, Austria
Paul Hughes, Ten Meters of Thinking, Netherlands/Ireland
Christian Kittl, evolaris next level, Austria
Yogesh Malik, Vimpel.com, Netherlands
Gernot Marecek, project:culture, Austria
Allen Mohammadi, CAD Detector, EYA Winner 2015, Sweden
Michael Paulweber, AVL, Austria
André Perchthaler, NXP, Austria
Pihla Rostedt, Rostedt & CO, Finland
Georg Steinfelder, Graphic and Communication Designer, Social Designer, Austria
Marc Vancoppenolle, Nokia, Belgium
Jonas Wallberg, Teknikföretagen, Sweden
Bernhard Weber, Center of entrepreneurship and applied business studies, Austria
Anna Wypior, SAP, Germany

Moderator: Birgit Kolb, EYA Project Manager, Austria

10.45 – 11.00 | Mind regeneration with coffee and friends – Have a cup of coffee with EYA mentors

11.00 – 11.40 | Innovation Talks: How to change today’s world and society!

“Change-makers, it’s all about YOU: your self motivation, inspiration & leadership” – Eleanor T. Khonje, GLIMPSES, US/Malawi
“Today’s world: How to make a difference” – Ken Banks, kiwanja.net, UK

Moderator: Kambis Kohansal Vajargah, Austria/Iran

11.40 – 12.00 | Comfort Break

12.00 – 13.20 | Skills Workshops
Develop your skills, advance your knowledge and build your capacity!

“3P Model: be your own consultant” Matteo Consonni & Luca Spagnolo, Venture Academy, Netherlands/Italy
“Boost your creativity through visualisation”Markus Engelberger, itsme-for you, Austria
“How to rock the Social Media World”Mathias Haas, Super Social, Austria
“Why habit kills innovation”Tudor Mihailescu, GovFaces, Switzerland/Romania
“Putting your project on the next level” with Attila Horányi, Eleanor T. Khonje, Lynn Lim, Sohvi Sirkesalo, Franziska Uhing, Eric Voigt [for mYouth participants only]

13.20 – 14.30 | Recharge with food & friends


14.30 – 18.30 | Winners Presentations
EYA Winners present their creative digital projects in 5 minutes

Be My Eyes, Denmark
DayCape, Sweden
✩ Mira – Play your way to recovery, Romania
Animal Hero Universe – Because you can also learn by playing, Spain
Unimersiv – Largest platform for VR educational experiences, France
VEASYT Live! – the best interpreters in a click, Italy
Fresh.Land – Shortening and Digitizing the Food Supply Chain, Denmark
HAIZE, the magic compass – minimalist urban bike navigation, Spain
AdoptGrandFather.org  – Volunteer program for the elderly to mitigate loneliness, Spain
FreeCom – Free your connection limitation, Germany
Poslonaut/HireApp – The easiest way to find a job!, Serbia
Refugeeswork.at, Austria
The Machine to Be Another, Spain

Moderators: Odeta Iseviciute, Adcanon, Lithuania; Mathias Haas, Super Social, Austria


18.30 – 19.30 | Q & A Workshop (for winning teams & students participating in the local student project (FH CAMPUS 02 and FH JOANNEUM)
FH JOANNEUM, Audimax, Eggenberger Allee 11

18.30 – … | The Final Choice: Jury Dinner and Decision Meeting (for jurors)
Hotel Europa, Bahnhofgürtel 89

18.30 – … | Students’ Socializing in Styria (for students participating in the International Student Project)
Explore Graz and enjoy Styrian food together!

18.30 – … | Free Evening (for Festival participants and winning teams after Q & A Workshop)

18.30 – … | mYouth Dinner (for mYouth participants only)
Hotel A & O, Eggenberger Straße 7

Drive Social Impact!eya_fri_morning_session_balken_blau

10.00 – 10.15 | Warm Up: Virtual and Augmented Reality in a nutshell with Peter A. Bruck, ICNM, and Michael Putz, Bongfishbongfish_logo_web_in_coop


10.15 – 11.00 | Dive Deep: Challenges for Social Entrepreneurs

Interactive World Cafés to brainstorm ideas for VR/AR for

eya-logos-2016-programHealthy Life | Smart Learning| Connecting Cultures | Go Green | Active Citizenship | Money Matters

Café-Leaders: Gerald Binder, evolaris next level; Lorenz Jäger, TU Graz; Christian Jeckl; Tadej Kupic, Bongfish;  Jochen Martin, FH JOANNEUM; Dimitar Jovevski, University of Skopje; Patrick Schweighofer, FH CAMPUS 02

11.00 – 11.20 | Vote for five workshop topics – mind regeneration with coffee and friends

11.20 – 12.45 | Dive deeper: Solving Challenges together
Working groups to develop VR/AR solutions

Working group leaders:  Gerald Binder, evolaris next level; Lorenz Jäger, TU Graz; Christian Jeckl; Tadej Kupic, Bongfish;  Jochen Martin, FH JOANNEUM; Dimitar Jovevski, University of Skopje; Patrick Schweighofer, FH CAMPUS 02

12.45 – 13.15 | Wrap up: Dive deeper: Solving Challenges together
Fishbowl summarizing the results of the morning session

Moderator: Peter A. Bruck, Honorary Chairman ICNM, Austria

13.30 | Bus to Chamber of Commerce (Departure: Hotel Europa)

13.45 – 14.45 | Recharge with food and friends


14.45 -16.15 | Open Space: Student Exhibitionwk_logo_support
Students participating in the EYA International and Local Student Project present their work and exchange interactively with the EYA Winning Teams and audience. Enjoy productive collaboration and gain fresh knowledge, expertise and ideas directly from studens from Europe’s top universities! Don’t miss this unique peer-2-peer consulting!

The best Local and International Team will selected by outstanding Expert Juries! Check out the Local Student Group Jury and International Student Group Jury!

Babes-Bolyai University, Romania (Coordinator: Cristina Pop Tiron)
EAL, Denmark (Coordinator: Steffie Limère)
ERAM, Spain (Coordinator: Albert Sanchez)
FHNW, Switzerland (Coordinator: Lynn Lim)
Frisian Design Factory, Netherlands (Coordinator: Eric Voigt)
IPCA, Portugal (Coordinator: Teresa Dieguez)
MOME University, Hungary (Coordinator: Attila Horányi)
Nomcentar, Serbia (Coordinator: Dušica Birovljević)
TAMK University, Finland (Coordinator: Sohvi Sirkesalo)
TU Graz, Austria (Coordinator: Johanna Pirker)
University of Lincoln, United Kingdom (Coordinator: Jon Holmes)
Universty of Skopje, Macedonia (Coordinator: Dimitar Jovevski)
FH Campus02, Austria (C.s: Elisabeth Pergler, Michael Terler, Walter Rath)
FH Joanneum, Austria (Coordinator: Denny Seiger)

Moderator: Jon Holmes, University of Lincoln, UK

16.30 | Bus back to Hotel Europa

16.30 – 18.45 | Time to get ready for…

18.45 | Bus to the Dom im Berg (Departure: Hotel Europa)


19.00 | Open Doors: VIP Cocktail & Receptionlandeshauptmann_logo_web

20.00 | Opening
Master of Ceremony, awesome Prince of EYA – Adam Montandon, EAL, Denmark/UK

22.00 | After Party
DJ in the house: Ivory Parker

Driving Home!

10.00-11.00 | European Huddle: Sharing experience and learnings, saying good-bye!
Hotel Europa, Bahnhofgürtel 89
Reviewing results and emotions: new knowledge, new friendships, new opportunities

12.00-13.00 | Enjoy Graz, Explore the Town!
City Tour | Meeting point: tram stop “Südtiroler Platz/Kunsthaus”

Throughout the day: take the drive home & drive home safely!