Why should you attend the #EYA Festival?

Graz – Creative City of Design, City of Human Rights, Cultural & Culinary Capital – is an amazing place that has much to offer to its visitors. But the pleasurable experience of exploring the Styrian capital is just one of many great benefits involved in attending the EYA Festival from November 27–30. Here is what you and your organization can expect from taking the trip to Graz.

 Meet, share and discuss!

The world thrives on great ideas, but even the most outstanding visions are useless if you don’t share them. The EYA Festival provides a good opportunity to meet a unique group of people who care about the future of this planet as much as you do.
Share your project and find out how to take advantage of the latest digital trends! Expand your network by making new contacts and developing partnerships with creative heads from all over Europe at the EYA Festival 2019 – Watch Out: Europe On Fire!

“I would say that for me the WSYA and the EYA were like bridges between young, creative people on one side and experienced people that have worked a long time in related fields on the other” – Darko Bozhinoski, EYA & WSYA Winner 2012

 Let the world know how you are going to change it!

Feel the vision and share the mission – by participating and presenting your project on an international stage in front of a high-level audience. Don’t miss this chance to see how social innovators create impact and to gather ideas on how to improve and expand your outreach. At the EYA Festival, you will have the opportunity to showcase your project and collect first-hand feedback from multifaceted experts.



 Expand your knowledge!

Knowledge is Power! The EYA Festival delivers a unique and personal experience with an agenda of workshops, seminars and keynote sessions by renowned experts and innovation leaders. You will also benefit from the experience and knowledge of other attendees by exchanging information and discussing new opportunities. Learn how to turn your project into an even greater asset by reaching more people and improving it technically as well as in terms of public impact.



 Enter the EYA network!

Take this chance to explore Europe’s most vibrant and lively digital community. The EYA Festival connects the next generation of e-Content creators, producers and designers with reputable leaders from the multimedia-sector and potential investors. Be promoted at the festival in Graz as well as through our social-media channels and expert network and become part of the EYA community!

“We were really happy to participate in the event in Graz. We met great people (we are still keeping touch with some of them) and we keep good memories of these few days!” – Céline Kniebihler, EYA Winner 2012

Participating at the EYA Festival has been one of the most exciting and thrilling events of the year. As an ambassador, I have had the opportunity to meet other participants, jurors and previous winners. The event and its structure allowed us to build partnerships as well as grow an understanding of the winning projects of that year. Because of this, we all left Graz feeling deeply inspired for so much young talent and passion, It is great to have a platform where you can meet people from multiple backgrounds and gain a better view of what other people is doing. Participating on this event sparkled many new ideas on my and other participants, we all left with an excitement for the next step. – Luna Carmona, EYA Ambassador