Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most frequent questions regarding the EYA competition. Please also note the useful links below.

1. I would like to submit an ebook or digital photo as my project. Do I have chances to win?

The EYA rules allow any kind of digital product to be submitted to the contest. Hence, we do accept ebooks and digital photos. However, as interactivity is an important evaluation criterion, your chances of winning EYA are decidedly higher if your project features interactive elements.



2. I have an awesome idea which I will definitely put into practice within the next months or years. Can I already submit my project to EYA?

The future of this world thrives on great ideas. However, we can only accept digital projects that already have something to show for. Of course we want to encourage you to realize your ideas, but why not wait until you have something concrete and submit next year? This will definitely raise the chances of your project winning EYA.

3. I have a great digital offline project. Can I submit it to EYA?

Yes, you can. But please be aware that the Grand Jury operates online and the jurors will not be able to go and visit your project in person. For example, they will not manage to fly to Budapest to see what great work you did on an interactive exhibition in a museum there.

Keep in mind that you should illustrate how your offline project works! For example, you can upload photos, texts, screenshots and videos with your application.

4. I have developed a mobile app. Is there anything I should keep in mind when submitting it to EYA?

Be aware that not all jurors will find the time to download, install and try your app. To make it easier for them to evaluate your work, please upload a browser demo, screenshots, videos and/or other visuals that provide insight into your app.

5. How much information should I submit when registering a project?

The jury will not require explanations approaching the length of Tolstoy’s War and Peace to evaluate your work. Quality comes before quantity. Feel free to keep yourself short when describing the essentials of your project. The better you structure the information you provide, the better the jury will be able to understand it. Nevertheless, you must answer all questions marked as “obligatory” in the registration process.

General rule: be short and precise and make your digital project easy to understand for everyone. More information how to answer all questions can be found here.

6. What else can I do to present my project like a pro?

To introduce your project, upload as much visual and interactive material as possible with your application. The more videos/screenshots/pictures/demo versions/etc. the jury can access, the better they will be able to understand and evaluate your work.

7. I am the head of a project group and already 35 years old, but all my team members are in their twenties. Can we still apply for EYA?

In order to be allowed to submit a project, the main producer must be born on or after January 1, 1986. However, it is okay if some of the co-developers are older than 33 years.