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The European Youth Award (contest) is EYA’s flagship initiative. It is a European-wide contest to motivate young people, social entrepreneurs, and start-ups to produce digital projects having an impact on society. It demonstrates their potential to create innovative solutions with Internet and Mobile technology addressing the goals defined by the Council of Europe and Europe 2020 as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The annual winners event (EYA Festival) is a unique event combining knowledge – innovation – networking – inspiration – motivation taking place in Graz at the end of November. It is a public event and everybody is welcome to join. Thus, don’t miss the chance and be part of it! Save the date for the next edition: November 27-30.

EYA’s global sister project is the WSA. Both initiatives are organized by the International Center for New Media, a Non-Profit Organization based in Salzburg, Austria. If you are near our office, pass by for a coffee!

Who can participate and become EYA Winner?

People who fulfil the following criteria are eligible to participate in the competition:

  • Creative minds under the age of 33
  • living in one of the member states of the European Union, Council of Europe, or Union for the Mediterranean, Belarus or Kosovo
  • who have produced an outstanding, innovative digital project to improve society (ex. website, app, wearable device, digital installation)
  • and submitted it to the EYA database until July 31, 2019 (EXTENDED DEADLINE)
  • in one of the EYA categories.

Check out the full contest rules here.

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Evaluation and Jury Process

All completed and submitted projects are evaluated by the EYA Jury selected on the basis of diversity of expertise and perspectives on key issues and projects regarding the development of information society, youth, design, entrepreneurship and social innovation. Furthermore, the jurors is chosen in a way to reach a balance regarding gender, countries and age of jurors.

The EYA jury is an online (first two rounds (August)) and onsite (final round (September)) process. Check out the amazing Jury Experts 2019 here.

In the first assessment (online), a shortlist of seven to ten nominees per category is obtained. If suggested, projects nominated by EYA Ambassadors or Experts have directly entered the second round.

In the second round (online), three to five projects per category are selected as the finalists.

The third jury round is an onsite meeting taking place in September. There the Onsite Jury will select up to three projects per category (maximun of 15) as #EYA Winners!

The winners will be invited to the EYA Festival in Graz. There the Festival Jury will select the EYA Young Digital Champion (Overall Winner) onsite among all category winners. The final vote will be conducted after and on the basis of the presentation of the (winning) projects.


Jury Criteria

I. Content Creativity

S1 Creativity of idea & goals: newness and originality of the idea behind the project and the pursued goals.
S2 Quality and depth of content.
S3 Innovation of the approach to reach the project’s goals; innovation of implementation.

II. Digital Implementation

S4 Design: aesthetic value of layout and graphics, visual appeal.
S5 Functionality: usability and structure.
S6 Interactivity: appropriate interactivity to engage with the target group.

III. Social entrepreneurial aspects

S7 Sustainability: ability to maintain the project over the long term.
S8 Economic potential: potential for economic development and growth and creation of surplus value.

= Score I: Average score of the above criteria

Additional Strategic Score:

SS 1 Social Impact & solidarity: potential of impact in the target group / society.
SS 2 Social value: value for political agenda; efficiency and strategic relevance for goals of the Council of Europe and Europe 2020 and the UN SDGs.

= Score II: Average of the above criteria

Out of the scores S1-S8 the database automatically calculates an average Score I which is used to rank the projects.

In addition, there is a strategic score (Score II) to evaluate the impact (solidarity aspects) and social value of the project in its context, for effectively implementing the goals defined by the Council of Europe, Europe 2020 and the UN SDGs.

Projects with a higher strategic score will be considered priority.


What does winning the EYA contest mean? Why apply?

Do you remember that day when you had that idea? That crazy one. And for one second, you felt like you've got it.

For this very special second, you felt you know how to solve what no one else can. Because you care.

Remember how it felt?

We're here to make sure that this feeling lasts more than just a second. We're here to help you see that the solution you've created is beautiful and has potential to help people everywhere. We're here to make sure that you are not alone in the adventure of making a difference, when no one else seems to care.

We are the internet of entrepreneurs who care and by joining forces, we will create a better world.

Together. Globally. Sustainably.


Well, to tell you the truth: no, there is no cash-prize awaiting you. No suitcase full of money. BUT things which are more valuable:


  • a fantastic family of change-makers sharing the same spirit as you!
  • mentoring by the EYA mentoring team AND former EYA winners!
  • two comprehensive checks and fresh ideas for your project from international and local students digging deep into your projects for several weeks!
  • an invitation to the EYA Festival to learn from outstanding speakers, experienced entrepreneurs and opinion-leaders!
  • an international stage to present your innovative project in front of an expert jury and huge audience!
  • recognition at the EYA Gala Ceremony by international laudators!
  • your projects featured through EYA’s and partners’ channels and in the annual catalogue!
  • a professional video about your project!
  • international reputation and & legitimacy!


APPLY NOW! Win the European Youth Award 2019

EYA Festival (Winners Event)

The EYA Festival is the Winners Event of the annual contest and EYA’s flagship event. In 2019 this unique event combining knowledge – innovation – networking – inspiration – motivation will take place in Graz from November 27 to 30.

The (open to the public) festival comprises a three-day conference and a gala ceremony. You can pre-order your Festival Pass any time here.

Designed to foster networking, peer to peer knowledge-exchange, and to boost your skills and creativity, the program will range from a warm welcome at the City Hall, to the Winners Presentations, capacity building workshops, the famous EYA Campfire, the “Solution Jam”, the Open Space and the Gala Ceremony and Afterparty!

You can check out all photos by Mr. Foto Matthias Rauch from 2018 here!


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