EYA Impact Weekend Workshops

A number of eye-opening workshops will be held thoughout the weekend, on topics ranging from from Augmented Reality and Blockchain to Storytelling to GDPR! Pick your field of interest and connect with international experts!

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Sept 20, 11.00 Session

► Idea incubator

Alexandra Izdebska

► AR Superpowers – a design framework for generating Augmented Reality ideas

Pihla & Timo Rostedt

Do you know about design thinking and service design but don’t know how to apply it exactly? This workshop will help you to create a customer journey map (with AR Superpowers!) for your project/product/service!

► How to make your customer love you?

Dimitar Jovevski

You want to make money in the digital age? It’s important that you know how to reach your costumers and make them love you!

► With your social enterprise, you’re on a mission every day. Stay alert and market wisely your ideas of building a better world.

Cristina Birsan

The workshop introduces general information about digital and traditional marketing methods and how to use both of them to increase the reach and impact of social enterprises.  The workshop will help you leverage marketing tools to tell your story and attract the resources you need for the growth of your business.

Sept 21, 14.00 Session

► Importance of GDPR in business

Zlatan Omerspahic

A classroom education/workshop with aim to inform and learn participants about importance of GDPR in business. The workshop will be based on examples and discussion about open questions regarding the implementation of the new EU privacy regulation.

► Impact of digitalization on future biz models

Frank Lorenz

The workshop will cover:

  • What are the relevant mega trends?
  • What are our strategic options as a start-up? Let’s have a deeper look into eCommerce strategies, business process optimization – including the trend for more self-service, centralization & IOT, use of data and data visualization, digitalization of currencies and payments as well as the trend of going mobile for everything.
  • What are the challenges & risks? E.g. GPDR, cybersecurity.
► Rock your project idea: Introduction to project writing

Ana Alibegova

Let’s say you have an exciting idea to make the world a better place to live in. You feel so passionate that this is the right thing to do, but you miss two important elements: a structure and money. Join us at this workshop and learn how to turn your idea into a viable project. We will go through the basic elements of project writing, we will learn how to understand a call for proposals, how to identify the problem and how to develop a solution. A must for everyone who wants to apply for funding or even, pitch in front of investors.

► How Byzantine generals affected the rise of one of the world’s most promising technologies

Ina Salihović

Imagine divisions of a Byzantine army, attacking a completely encircled city. To proceed, the generals of each division, who are dispersed around the city’s periphery, must agree on a battle plan. However, while some generals want to attack, others may want to retreat. How to ensure they win by attacking at the same time, even if the central command is impossible and they know at least one of the generals is a traitor? Take a look at how this problem affected the rise of Blockchain, learn the basic concepts behind one of the world’s most promising technologies, and see how this technology may affect future cities and the power grid.

► Discovering the heroes within ourselves

Gregor Cerinšek

What do you have in common with Frodo, Gandhi or heroes of the ancient myths? Discover your hero journey paths and apply it to your work or business.

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