EYA Impact Weekend

At the EYA Impact Weekend in Sarajevo more than twenty renowned international and regional experts shared their experiences in interactive workshops and met participants on eye-level in coaching sessions.

35 young participants had the chance to transform ideas into concepts, benefit from knowledge transfer and learn how to better impact society. It was a two-day bootcamp for change-makers!

Who was it for?

Everybody with a passion for improving society was welcome to the EYA Impact Weekend! 35 enthusiastic participants (16-30 yrs) got the chance to meet international experts, benefit from workshops and develop projects that impact society.

The EYA Impact Weekend was for:

Open Minds

Contribute and make an impact!

  • Generate a concept on the spot and form a team
  • Or join an existing team and help others improve society


You have an idea or concept and want to make it reality?

  • Interact and learn from experts
  • Find likeminded people to work on your idea
  • Make a prototype


For people with an existing prototype, project or start-up

  • Advance your project technically
  • Develop your business
  • Scale-up and internationalize

Their benefits

Participants dove into the weekend by attending the innovation campfire and meeting international experts in person!

They learnt from numerous interactive workshops throughout the weekend on topics from AR Superpowers and Blockchain to Business Development, Project Writing and Storytelling.

They levelled up their project! By working on their impactful idea or project – with the input from outstanding coaches.

The best team was rewarded!

The most motivated and productive team was awarded! The winners were decided by the expert on-site Impact Weekend jury, right after the pitch presentations.

  • The best team received an exclusive project management workshop by NOMCENTAR!
  • They won tickets to the EYA Festival – the EYA contests “Winners Event”, taking place in Graz from November 27–30, 2019


Ideal Day

🎊Impact Weekend Winner🎊

Producers: Adna Medošević, Amila Mujkić, Dženana Selimović, Amila Klepo & Nasiha Šadinlija
Platform: AndroidStudio

Ideal Day is a free mobile app that aims to create a time-efficient, stress-free, and prioritized schedule for any individual. Using time managment techniques, sleeping patterns, daily routines, and energy level questions, it provides you with a pleasing day. Invest five minutes to save hours.

Go Green!

Producers: Emina Zolota, Amra Pupović, Marijana Udovčić, Merisa Golić, Elma Slabić, Ehlimana Ćesić & Željana Nešković
Platform: AndroidStudio

Go Green app is an eco app that educates kids and youth about recycling and raises
awareness about eco disasters. It also consists of an interactive eco map with camera
scanner and a calendar with all green events in our surroundings (meetups, workshops,

My Health Pro

Producers: Adnana Hujdur, Hanna Tiro, Harisa Obradovic, Erna Kapetancic, Lejla Smailovic
Platform: mobile app, wearable

A wristband that collects data of a child’s health status with sensors and sends it through shared a back-end to an app which parents have on their phones.


Producers: Milica Papak, Danica Kunić & Zehra Šarić
Platform: mobile app

The name of our app is Petbook. The primary goal of Petbook is safe domestication and connecting the organization, individuals and asylum. It is not just one kind of animals, that is app for all pets. Petbook would be a kind of social network.It would function as a social network where each user would register and have their own profile. Petbook can be a kind of online news.

Regarding users and target group there are three types of „users” who can use it.

  1.  Individuals – people who willing to pet and those who no longer want their pet for some reason.
  2.  Asylums
  3.  Private small organisations that take care of abandoned pets on their own initiative.

Praksa s faksa

Producers: Beširović Arijana, Đulović Dženita, Krnjić Muhamed & Smajić Selma
Platform: website

Praksa s Faksa is a website that is an ideal solution to the lack of a practical work for a university students. Main goal is to offer insight to the industry and to increase amount of industrial work for students.

Quality Learning

Producers: Nizama Patković, Ajna Čančar, Emina Adrović, Derviša Zejnilagić & Merima Kopić
Platform: mobile app

A simple and fun mobile application for children to easily learn subjects that they are interested in. The goal is to make children use technology in a useful way and along the way improve their score and motivation in education. The next step is far away, but close to the future of learning in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Smart Ride

Producers: Išerić Hadžera, Neira Novalić, Sara Kozić & Amina Bajrektarević
Platform: Angular

Thinking about the problems facing our community, we realized that there would be so much we could work on. With this we have decided to solve a real problem that all major cities that use public transport face. Our idea is to set up digital boards at all tram, bus and trolley stations, where all those waiting for a vehicle can see what period they are coming from. The vehicles would incorporate chips to track the movement, and on the board would show the movement of the vehicle. We would import it all with an app that could tell all users at any time when a bus or tram arrives. The return of investment is advertisements that would be repeated periodically on the app and on the board.

Also, with this application, more people will be able to track public traffic and use public transport instead of a car, therefore impact on environment will also be significant.

Less pollution, cleaner air, better condicions for transport. Smart city – smart ride.


Successful entrepreneurs, developers and researchers from all around the globe were there to support the engaged participants of the EYA Impact Weekend! These talented international and local experts were on-site as coaches, workshop leaders and speakers.

Here you can find out more about these great people who shared their experience and knowledge.

Ana Alibegova
Director of Programme Development | Mladiinfo International
North Macedonia

Raoul Bhatia
Head of Operations | RadarServices

Cristina Birsan
Project Manager Volunteers for Events | United Nations Volunteers

Rodica Mocan
Ph.D., Associate Professor | Babes Bolyai University

Pihla Rostedt
CEO | Stellarion

Vladimir Marić
International Business Development Manager | Mozaik
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kemal Koštrebić
Research & Analytics | Oslobođenje
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ljubica Drača
Court interpreter and translator & private language tutor

Tanja Madžarević
Joint Program Coordinator | IT Girls
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Antoaneta Ivanova
Program Manager | Philanthropy for Green Ideas (PGI) Program of Balkan Green Foundation Supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund
North Macedonia

Miron Lukač
Lonac Hub Manager | Mozaik Foundation
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Frank Lorenz
SVP Research & Development | SKIDATA AG

Luca Carrai
CEO | Ethicjobs

Timo Rostedt
Lead Designer | Gofore Oy

Yahya Marzouk
Co-founder | MAD Path

Gregor Cerinsek
Lead Project Manager | Institute for Innovation and Development of the University of Ljubljana

Dimitar Jovevski
Associate Professor | University of SS. Cyril and Methodius
North Macedonia

Azra Branković
Assistant Professor | International University of Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

George Malekkos
Software Innovation Architect & CEO | Powersoft

Christiana Mitcheva
Business- and Executive Coach | Lighthouse Organisational Development

Connor Sattely
Business Development Manager | HiiL
United States of America

Leila Hadžić
Co-founder | NGO “Laboratorium” Tuzla
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Juliane Petsch
Expert for Project Management, Human Resources & Business Development

Odeta Iseviciute
Owner | Adcanon

Peter A. Bruck
Honorary Chairman ICNM | CEO Research Studios Austria

Katarina Živanović
Assistant to Coordinator of International Cooperation | OPENS Serbia

Ayesha Carmouche
Advocacy and Communication Manager at CORE

Aleksandra Izdebska
Director ICT | ABA

Irene Polycarpou
Professor of Technology and Innovation in Education | University of Central Lancashire

Michaela Altziebler
Head of Utility & Smart City Segment | MAVOCO AG

Afërdita Pustina
National Programme Officer | OSCE Mission in Kosovo

Muris Halilović
Creative Ass Designer & Founder | #Bookvalno Paper Design Studio
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Attila Horányi
Director (BA program Design Culture) | Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Sarah Klein
Editor-in-Chief | Tea after Twelve

Ina Salihović
Electrical Engineer | International BURCH University
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Who selected the best ideas and prototypes developed at the Impact Weekend? Who were the smart brains dedicating their expertise and experience to guarantee a fair and profound decision? We proudly present the outstanding personalities making up the EYA Impact Weekend Jury!

Valentina Antić
Coordinator of International Cooperation | OPENS Serbia

Connor Sattely
Business Development Manager | HiiL
United States of America

Mirela Rajkovic
Executive Directress | South East European Youth Network
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Odeta Iseviciute
Owner | Adcanon

David Saunders
UN Women Representative
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kemal Koštrebić
Research & Analytics | Oslobođenje
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lejla Pljevljak-Rašidagić
VP Product Management | ZIRA
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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