Workshops at the EYA Festival 2017

On Thursday November 30 from 12-13.20 PM you will have the chance to gain more skills and learn about different awesome topics. Get active and join one of the five 5 capacity building workshops. These outstanding experts will rock the show!
The Big Bang of Your Own Innovation


This interesting workshop is all about finding your own innovative ideas and turning them into creative, digital projects. The leader of this workshop, and 2016 EYA Young Digital Champion, will teach you how to use your own personal experiences to realize the great ideas you already have, and how to turn them into reality. The main goal of this is to encourage others to think creatively, show how many possibilities each of us has to your dream into reality, and teach that projects can be a tool to help others.

Abdul Rahman AlAshraf

Founder, FreeCom/MHP

From Mark Zuckerberg to Casey Neistat, How do we connect with others online?


During this workshop you’ll explore the networking opportunities that happen online and how to make our use of social media more effective based on case studies and the current trends. Can your online friends make a difference for your business? Is it only for certain markets? What is the value of our online network? Come find out at this workshop.

Luna Carmona

Marketing expert and Social Media Manager, Achieve More Scotland

How to rock the Social Media World


In the Social Media World creativity is key. Mathias Haas has a created a workshop that will teach participants how to get their message across on social media to the most amount of people in the most effective way. This outside-of-the-box workshop is about showing people that social media is a great way to network with others, and can be even better if used properly.

Matthias Haas

CEO, Super Social

 From building to accelerating your digital business 


Your business is digital, partly digital or you’re leaving market share on the table. In this workshop you will learn how to test and validate your idea, reach product market fit and accelerate growth of your digital business. The young experts that designed this workshop have a great deal of knowledge in this area and will be beneficial for anyone who has a digital business or a desire to to begin their own digital business journey. Come learn more about digital creativity and innovative entrepreneurship.

Ritchie Doove & Coen van Hees

Story of AMS

Get Reality Designed


This fascinating workshop will teach people “Design as a metaphor of reality.” Participants in this presentation will learn that design is fate and we must design our objects, our thinking, and our emotions. The way we design them is crutial and we need to be more aware of designing the type of reality we want.

Tibor Kecskes

Senior Architect and Spatial Designer, TK Studio