#EYA Festival 2019 Workshops

A number of eye-opening workshops will be held throughout the Festival! Pick your field of interest and connect with international experts!


Pre-Festival workshop for Journalists and Media enthusiasts, November 27, 2-3.30 PM
► How to Read Media

Martin Maska

Media have large impact on people’s minds – showing them what topics are important, what stories are happening, and how the world is working. However, their messages can be distorted instead of reflecting reality. The participants of this workshop will learn how to read behind and between the lines of media and ultimately debunk fake news and other forms of misinformation and media manipulation.

Festival workshops, November 28, 11.50-1.30 PM
► Business Models for Impact

Jonas Dinger

Why do I even need a business model and isn’t that restricting my ability to create an impact? What are the business models that are most commonly used by successful Social Entrepreneurs and when can or should I use which model? With the help of many real live cases from Austria and beyond, the workshop will center around those questions. Furthermore a Social Business Canvas will be introduced to work on your projects business model.

► Digital Consumer Behavior

Dimitar Jovevski

In today’s world it is unimaginable to create a decent marketing strategy without thoroughly tackling the content marketing segment, and not knowing the behaviour of the consumer, especially if you’re about to develop an integrated strategy with a strong digital focus. Nowadays all brands are media, but not all of them understand what that means and how they can benefit from it. This workshop will dive deep into the approach, elements and tactics necessary to develop competitive content marketing efforts with clear goals and, more importantly, aligned with your target audience.

► Digital Storytelling

Mathias Haas

How to create your online narrative for offline impact. Facts, tips and tricks about storytelling and social media for social entrepreneurs. 

► How to Make People Fall in Love with Your Brand

Gica Trierweiler

Learn how to make people fall in love with your brand! A hands-on workshop with Gica Trierweiler for those who want to build a strong brand around a solid purpose – and have some fun too.

► Insane Brains and Creative Collaborations

Adam Montandon

Join the wildest brainstorm in the world, where you push your creative thinking to the limits. Join new teams, make new friends, and create new ideas. You’ll think upside-down, inside-out, and round-the-bend as you join a playful, creative, noisy workshop where fantastic ideas are born. Learn just what happens when creativity takes over. Don’t just have a good idea, live it!

► Law Up – Legal Do’s and Don’ts for Start-ups

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP | Anna Binder, Justin Locke, Susanne Paul, Stephan Rödler and Dominik Tyrybon

Everyone hates lawyers until they need one. The grounds for legal conflicts (which can be burdensome and costly) are often laid in a business’s early stage when law is not your first priority. We will tell you what to keep in mind and what to avoid today to prevent potential legal conflicts in the future.

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