#EYA Festival 2019 Program

Wednesday, Nov 27

Thursday, Nov 28

Friday, Nov 29

Saturday, Nov 27

Warm Welcomes!

14.30-15.00 | Winners Welcome in Graz | First Get2Gether (for winners only)

Winners meet Winners and get all information about their Festival participation!
Hotel Europa, room “Monroe”1st floor, Bahnhofgürtel 89

16.00-17.45 | Registration Café

Event registration is boring and means a long queue? Not at the EYA Festival! Pick-up your ticket & welcome bag and get to know other Festival participants while enjoying a nice cup of coffee at a very special venue.
Murinsel, Lendkai 19

18.15-21.00 | OPENING CEREMONY OF THE EYA FESTIVAL 2019 (by confirmed registration only)

City Hall Graz, Senate Chamber, 2nd Floor, Hauptplatz 1

18.15-19.00 | Europe’s Digital Heroes | Lightening Talks and Official Opening

Guests of Honor tbc
Moderator: Peter A. Bruck, Honorary Chairman ICNM, Austria

19.00–19.40 | Ten Meters of Thinking (tbc)

with and by Paul Hughes, Director of Ten Meters of Thinking, Netherlands/Ireland

19.40-21.00 | Networking with new friends and fans | Socialising at the City Hall Graz

Network while enjoying Styrian food & beverages!