The EYA Festival “Watch Out : Europe On Fire!” was visited by the local FH JOANNEUM Podcast Team who took a moment to speak with many of the amazing and impactful people participating in the event.

Episode 1: Birgit Kolb (9 min)

Watch out, Europe is on fire! Hear the opening words by EYA Manager Birgit Kolb and get an overview of the European Youth Award and the EYA Festival 2019

Episode 2: Peter A. Bruck (5 min)

Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck, the initiator of EYA, talks about social impact, how the European Youth Award began and what makes the EYA Festival unique

Episode 3: Zorica Velkovska (7 min)

Meet Zorica Velkovska, the founder and project manager of mCommunity, EYA Winner 2019 in the category Active Citizenship

Episode 4: Zsombor Svab (4 min)

Meet Zsombor Sváb, representative and designer of the video game Path Out, EYA Winner 2019 in the category Connecting Cultures

Episode 5: Boas Bamberger (4 min)

Meet Boas Bamberger, co-founder of Aivy, EYA Winner 2019 in the category Managing Life

Episode 6: Kambis Kohansal Vajargah (4 min)

Meet Kambis Kohansal Vajargah, EYA Winner 2013 and EYA Festival Expert

Episode 7: Anton Holovachenko (8 min)

Meet Anton Holovachenko, EYA Winner 2015 and EYA Festival Expert

Podcasts by FH Joanneum JPR – Podcast Team: Marie Kogler, Dominik Kutschera, Lukas Spenger, Selina Trummer and Benjamin Vollmann

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