Carina, you won the European Youth Award in 2012 AND 2013 – now you’re ambassador of the European Youth Award, but besides that you also founded your awesome organization: The Global Experience. What is your organization all about?

Our organization is about intercultural learning and media, so we connect both. We use digital media to bring people from different cultures together.

What’s the most exciting project you’re currently involved with?

Currently the most exciting, or most necessary project for us, is to help young refugees in Germany integrate and bring them in touch with young locals. We saw that in Germany there are a lot of people who came in the past years but they’re not necessarily in contact with each other.  Also young locals in Germany don’t know much about the background of these people, they know media stories but they don’t know real stories. So we try to bring them in touch by bringing young refugees into schools and have them tell their stories. That’s the most exciting project.

That sounds really exciting. So your time with the European Youth Award was also very exciting, what do you think are the best benefits one can gain from winning the European Youth Award?

The best benefit of the EYA is definitely the network and finding like-minded people which is not always easy. And that’s actually very important to find people who encourage you to keep on doing what you do because what I figured out is that many people who do something and work on social impact, are not always really rewarded, you know? So you spent a lot of time working on something that you’re really convinced of and it’s so powerful to meet other people who do the same. Maybe you have your local community but sometimes you ask yourself “why am I doing it” on a bigger scale? And when you meet people from all over Europe, from all over the world who have the same spirit, it’s very encouraging.  It’s just at some point of my life it really helped me to be motivated to continue doing all this.

What’s your message to the young community of change-makers all over the world?

My message is: don’t give up, especially if you have some times when you’re a little down or maybe you feel a little less motivated, or you feel like “ok, things are not happening the way I wished”. Maybe you didn’t get the funding, or maybe you didn’t get the support, or maybe “we don’t have so many followers right now as we need to have”.
Don’t give up! Because those times are very normal and the more committed you are, the more you believe in yourself and in your project, the stronger you are to actually pursue your goals.

Great! Thank you, keep on rocking the world!