Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation is based on the following criteria:

I. Content Creativity

S 1 Creativity of idea & goals: newness and originality of the idea behind the project and the pursued goals.
S 2 Quality and depth of content.
S 3 Innovation of the approach to reach the project’s goals; innovation of implementation.

II. Digital Implementation

S 4 Design: aesthetic value of layout and graphics, visual appeal.
S 5 Functionality: usability and structure.
S 6 Interactivity: appropriate interactivity to engage with the target group.

III. Social entrepreneurial aspects

S7 Sustainability: ability to maintain the project over the long term.
S8 Economic potential: potential for economic development and growth and creation of surplus value.

= Score I: Average score of the above criteria

Additional Strategic Score:

SS 1 Social Impact & solidarity: potential of impact in the target group / society.
SS 2  Social value: value for political agenda; efficiency and strategic relevance for goals of the Council of Europe and Europe 2020 and the UN SDGs.

= Score II: Average of the above criteria

Out of the scores S1-S8 the database automatically calculates an average Score I which is used to rank the projects.

In addition, there is a strategic score (Score II) to evaluate the impact (solidarity aspects) and social value of the project in its context, for effectively implementing the goals defined by the Council of Europe, Europe 2020 and the UN SDGs.

Projects with a higher strategic score will be considered priority.

Jury Process

How are the Winners selected?

All completed and submitted projects are evaluated by the EYA Expert Jury selected on the basis of diversity of expertise and perspectives on key issues and projects regarding the development of information society, youth, design, entrepreneurship and social innovation. Furthermore, the jurors is chosen in a way to reach a balance regarding gender, countries and age of jurors.

The EYA jury is an online (first two rounds) and onsite (final round) process.

In the first assessment (online), a shortlist of seven to ten nominees per category is obtained. If suggested, projects nominated by EYA Ambassadors or Experts have directly entered the second round.

In the second round (online), three to five projects per category are selected as the finalists of EYA 2018.

The third round will take place onsite end of September (tbc). There the Onsite Jury will select up to three projects per category (maximun of 15) as #EYA18 Winners!

In Graz at the EYA Festival the Festival Grand Jury will select the European Digital Champion (Overall Winner) onsite. The final vote will be conducted after and on the basis of the presentation of the (winning) projects.

Evaluation Timeline

Online Pre-Selection (first round): August 2 – 21, 2018
Online Selection (second round): August 25 – September 9, 2018

Final Winners Selection: Prishtina, Kosovo, September (tbc)

Vote for the European Digital Champion: November 29, 2018 in Graz!
(The result will be kept secret until the Gala Ceremony on November 30).