Message by Peter A. Bruck

Stand up | Start up | Scale up!

Stand Up:  Step out of your comfort zone & understand societal needs!

Start Up: Take action and improve society with Internet and mobiles – Change the world!

Scale Up: Meet Europe’s challenges now with young entrepreneurship!

The European Youth Award (EYA) brings together young people less than 30 years of age who can handle the latest technology, demonstrate excellence in creative design, and are socially committed in their goals.

These young people have one thing in common: they take the lead in standing up and addressing in the needs in their communities. They think European and transcend borders and financial obstacles to achieve real improvements of society with their entrepreneurship.

Using digital communication and IT, they are driven by curiosity and the willingness to improve their societies and tackle pressing challenges.

This year’s EYA winning projects once more provide an impressive spectre of what is possible in terms of young entrepreneurship, proving that the Internet can be one of thoughts, and that virtual reality can turn into societal impact.

The 13 winning projects of 2015 do more than reflect the EU strategy Europe 2020 or the objectives of the European Union. They scale up change today. Selected from submissions from all over Europe, the projects demonstrate what can be achieved when young people stand up and act together for societal change.

I wish you to get inspired and enthralled by the EYA winning projects ! You’ll find among others:

  • A simple, intuitive and low-cost software application assisting visually impaired people in utilizing touchscreen smart phones.
  • A social platform that brings together young people aged eight to nineteen years from higher and lower socio-economic backgrounds.
  • A free-standing vertical plant display offering analogue information – text, picture or digital information – in an innovative combination of vertical greening and eco-advertising services.

The EYA is grateful to the City of Graz and the province of Styria for their support of the Winners’ Festival since 2012. Graz is not only City of Human Rights & Design but also hotspot for young digital innovation and inspiration.

Thank you for your interest and your support,

Best wishes,

Peter A. Bruck

Honorary Chairman of ICNM | Initiator of EYA