Message by Peter A. Bruck

Unite in Digital Creativity!

The European Youth Award (EYA) inspires young people in Europe every year to develop digital solutions to some of the most unyielding problems they encounter in their societies. Whether it is social, economic, education, or sustainability challenges, young people under the age of 33 are motivated to find creative, digital answers and share them with the world.

The key to success is communication and networking. EYA is the platform for like-minded and enthusiastic young people, who desire to create change through digital communication and IT, to join together and overcome the obstacles we face in the world today. Through this, EYA encourages a Europe that is more connected, just, safe, and cohesive.

This year the special category “Water: blue planet | drinking water | sanitation | water management” was introduced. More and more people face globally the crisis of unsafe drinking water, flooding, and improper management of water supplies. The desire for change is here particularly well directed and imperative.

Every year, EYA is unique thanks to all the young people of Europe who submit their projects. Thanks to them EYA has become the social innovation platform it is today. Out of the projects submitted this year, EYA is proud to announce the 17 Winners including:

  • A creative flood protection system that can efficiently provide citizens with crucial information during times of crisis via mobile app and website
  • A multilingual mobile app and website that provides essential information for individuals starting a new life in a new place.
  • A platform that offers smart rehabilitation devices to people with movement disabilities and turns strenuous exercise into enjoyable games.
  • A self-learning kit that teaches children aged 7-12 about the basic principles of electronics.
  • ….and many more.

The City of Graz and Province of Styria is hosting annually the EYA Winners Festival. As the City of both Human Rights and of Design Graz is the perfect place to present young digital innovation with a social impact.

The 17 Winners of 2017 featured in this catalogue and on our website are motivation to continue to improve our world.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to each and every person who is continually supporting EYA, year in and year out!


Peter A. Bruck

Initiator of EYA | Honorary Chairman ICNM