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Think Twice – Code Once | Apps and Games with Impact

From June 22-24, EYA invites people with all kinds of backgrounds (be it programmers, game designers, artists, business students or others who are simply interested in being innovative and creating something new) to plan, design and create social games or apps together in 48 hours.

Enjoy productive collaboration at the first EYA Social Hackathon in Vienna!!

The EYA Social Hackathon will be two and a half days long and will take place at the headquaters of IBM Austria. The goal? To design and create first prototypes of games and apps focussing on the most current European challenge: the refugee movement, migration, integration and inclusion (EYA Special Category 2016).

Be creative and learn from each other – whatever knowledge, skill or competence you can chip in is welcome (no age limit, basic IT skills recommended)!

Please note: upon registration only, maximum 25 participants!

Goods needed: whatever you need for developing your game (eg laptop, earphones, graphic tablets, game controller,…).

Technical requirements: Apps and Games can be developed on any platform. IBM provides the Bluemix Platform and special trainings for all who are interested in programming on Bluemix. Licences are available beforehand for free on request (please send an email to kolb[at]